Request to revert clothes dyeing back to previous system

FWIW, I don’t dislike your idea, I just don’t like it as much as crafting specific dyes from specific ingredients and applying them somehow.

My reasons for preferring specific dyes rather than the system in your idea have nothing to do with convenience or realism. They’re about my own immersion.

Basically, I don’t like the color picker approach because it feels too damn modern. Picking an exact color with a color-picker GUI feels completely out of place in a sword and sorcery setting. Making that color picker use 3 sliders based on a very modern color model feels even more egregious.

It would certainly be lame if there were no other incentives to explore, but it’s little details like searching for an elusive ingredient that players often tend to remember and retell. :man_shrugging:


Really… the adjustment should be kept simple. Or its just more work then needed.

Extended Dye Box Storage is an easy fix. Doesn’t address all issues… but would be a Great Start.

Allowing dyes to be used on go, would be a nice 2nd step.

Aka Dye Bench is QoL Version of Dyeing.
Using on Go, is what you get from level 1. So finding them and using them is part of fun of exploring.
Really new loot system is great, outside it hands out to many items. Getting 10 Darfari Chimes is abit weird. XD


Agreed. Bring back the old system. The new system makes dyeing tedious.


And it isn’t just that you have to dye at the station now, most of he time you can’t even see the outcome properly before saving the dyed item since the textures failt to load and the clothes and armor are just a blur.


that is a good idea! I like that you actually came up with a solution :slight_smile:

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