Request Witch Doctor

It’s not dropping in 3.0 on testlive so I assume it will not once it releases in the main game.

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. Quite frankly im getting fed up with the 1 step forward and 2 steps back approach the Devs seem to be having with all this stuff. Just slap it in as an option on the shallow grave or something. Theyre pretending this takes some ridiculous amount of coding and work or something when its literally STILL based on the crafting system that the game has always had. Theyre just flatout removing content now. There was no reason at all to remove it. They just like their new method and theyre shoehorning it in and forcing us to use it. Quite frankly i think the new zombie method is okay at best, and the temporary time for everything is stupid. Sure, zombies decay, but clearly as you said, based on the ENTIRE GAME AND LORE most undead do not. Why the heck even ADD a wight horse and then immediately remove the ability to have wights from the game? The Undead and pets in general have been long overdue for an overhaul, and now then removing them outright is just infuriating. Theyve completely ignored pets through every update since they were implemented. Human thralls are VASTLY better than any pet still, and they dont have any utility at all as guards or even for anything more than producing poop for farms. Like why the heck cant the birds and reptiles lay eggs? Theyre focusing too much at this point on making marketable material rather than fixing old issues.

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On one hand its a shame, because I can remember when they introduced the witch doctor feat. It was a teaser of things to come… those things obviously never came. Still Ive had fun with it as is and its a fond farewell from me. I think we havent seen the last of wights, I do think as they add more to sorcery during the current age we will see a return of our beloved glowing blue minions.

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