Requiem Nex Combat Monitor

Im looking for this program. The old site seems to by down.
Any valid link?


PM me and I’ll get you a link when I get home

Hi, im also looking for a valid link to Requiem Nex combat monitor, would you mind to share? Thx!

Yes if I can remember when I get home

Here you go


Thx a lot :+1:

Thank you very much!

Does anyone know how to set up the voice part in discord? I’m looking for instructions on how to broadcast over discord. If you know how and could share that would be great.

Hi all,

I cant get it running on Win10 20H2…
Dont know whats the issue. I tried windowed/windowed fullscreen, the program doesnt even seem to launch properly. Isnt it working with newer Windows versions?

Someone has an idea why is that? Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Is it not loading at all?

Is your antivirus blocking?

Thanks for your suggestion.
I thought that too, so i put it on trusted at Kaspersky and additionally added the program exe and the folder to exclusions in Windows Defender…but nothing changed.

And yes, It doesnt start at all. It attempts to and is showing the “loading circle” for a brief time, but then nothings happens any further. No crash or failure warning and it isnt shown in task manager.

Thats what was confusing me, because i had it working a year ago on the same PC. And that was in Win10 either, though another Version probably…

Are you sure you installed the latest version? I would try deleting and reinstalling.

Could also try temp turning the kapersky off.

I also have the version you linked here, so it should be actual.
I think i did disabled FW testwise while trying to install, but i will Test a little more when i’m at PC later.
Are you running 20H2 Windows Version also?

Replying to myself just to give a short update…

I couldnt manage to get the tool running yesterday while trying different settings in Firewall and compability modes.

So today i decided to format and reinstall Windows complete (not because of the problem with CombatMonitor…had to do it anyway).
And guess what…nothing changed at all. App shows up for a second in Task Manager and immediately disappears.

So im out of ideas for the moment…

Edit: Finally!! Managed to get it working again!
You must have installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 (exactly this Version). Of course i read that during my multiple attempts of installations, but always thought any newer Version of vcredist would so fine also…


Thanks man you saved me, same issue