Requiem RP ~ (Story Driven, RP - PvP, UK/EU, 18+)

Welcome to Requiem RP

**We are a Conan Exiles Roleplay server (18+) based on the Island of Siptah map.

We have a wide range of mods available for you in order to better immerse yourself in the story of this server, allowing a highly customisable character with help of body attachments and clothing, possibility for you create beautiful structures and places, wield magic and more while at the same time having a balanced modlist keeping in mind players with lower pc spec, so they too, can join us.

Our main focus is to create an immersive world, story-driven through events, where the outcome matters, quests that we develop, and treasures and special artefacts, scattered through out the island for you to discover and claim.**

Server Information

Mod Collection: Steam Workshop::Requiem RP

Starting Kits:
• Lvl 120 Boost
• Starting Armour, Tools and Weapons
• Character Customization (Attachables like eyes, ears, horns and more!)
• Emotes Kit

• No Drop on Death
• Max Level: 300
• XP rate: x5
• Harvest Rate: x2.0
• Hunger & Thirst Rate: x0.1

Enjoy the Features of our server:

Custom Dice System
Yes, the old dice mod has been revived… and made 110% customisable. And this why we are excited to offer you a custom system, with more than classic attributes and skills. We offer custom skills, which are the abilities that you may unlock depending on your class and races.
Oh yes, right in same menu you can pick both Class and Race, as Perks, which will as mentioned unlock special skills, and/or provide a bonus to other skills, with some races even having a variable depending on a certain state, e.g. if its day or night, sheltered or outside… but it doesn’t end there, as this system also includes Runes (Artefacts or Special Items) that may assist you if you have them in your possession, but its not that easy to aquire. And ofcourse you are able to breach or lock-pick chests and doors.
So far we are still continuing work on it so all the feedback is welcome!

Classes & Races
We offer a huge range of possibilities for customisation of your character to create a character utilising one of 35 fantasy incredible races, letting you go with what you like most or take on new stories and challenges with one you haven’t role played before, where most would posses unique skills, abilities, but that come with the cost of weaknesses. Each having something unique about them! Or how about trying out a Cross-Breed or Hybrid? The magic of creation is here.
But of course, classes matter too, 12 of which are available, some of which may unlock hidden skills, letting you choose the both that suits your character most, will they be a tough warrior? A sorcerer and have access to magics? Or are something else?

Take part in server events and one of a kind limited time Epic Quests in order to drive the lore and story of the land; created and hosted regularly by the Staff. These challenges and the outcomes can also assist in developing the Server Lore and Stories. Of course, we welcome players to host their own events, where admins can assist in various ways to promote the player events.

There are multiple Fun and Challenging Daily Quests for you to complete, tasks that earn in-game currency. The staff are always working to further and continuing to create more and larger quests for you with greater rewards.

Custom Mod
Here we have our own server mod, created by one of the Server Owners, adding some various items, like unique masks, hats, few weapons and more.

The Tavern in the Hub village is a place of many rumours!

Tower of Magnahold

“The Artefact”

Temple of Nature

Tree of Life

The Bleeding Ruin

Custom Dice System!

Stats! Health, Mana, Purity/Corruption and even Blood stat for Vampires

Custom Skills! Some may be unlocked for specific Class or only by specific Race :open_mouth:
(No spoilers :stuck_out_tongue: )

Classes (You can pick two) and Races :smiley:
Not only they unlock skill both Races give a modifiers to the Attributes, while Classes give modifiers to the skills :smiley:

Oh oh and ofcourse. “Runes” or rather Artefacts! One of a kind objects, that are hidden, and protected, around the Isle. And they for sure no easy to get, so all the challangers will be worth it at the end.

Reconstructed Arcane Tower