Required QOL mechanics

Hello Funcom! First of all, thanks for the amazing game that is Conan Exiles. But, I have ALWAYS felt the need for some kind of facilitator to manage our bases, in order to upgrade construction parts and manage stationary inventories and benches. All of them. I thought and thought and thought a lot and came up with TWO mechanics that could be inserted into the game.

1- The Scribe’s Bench: It would work just like a food box or a minion’s pot, with an area of ​​influence around it. But instead of showing the lackeys, it would show the same owner’s inventories (boxes, chests, lockers and vaults). Through the interface of this workbench, it would be possible to configure in the list on the side, inventory by inventory, to receive specific item or item category. Then, the survivor would ONLY need to arrive from the collection and dump the items INTO THE BENCH’S INVENTORY, and it would manage the items to their proper receptacles as the player configured. This bench would work with and without a lackey. Without a lackey, it would have, for example, a limit on how many inventories it can manage at the same time. Inventories and benches all appear on the list but not all of them can be managed without a lackey. This would also extend to your BASIC benches, being possible to manage improved and better benches only with a lackey. So, for example: The player arrives with iron ore. The player throws the ores into THE SCRIBE’S BENCH INVENTORY. The bench throws the ores into one furnace for you, BECOUSE YOU SET THAT FURNACE IN THE SCRIBE’S BENCH. You walk to the furnace and turn it on. Iron bars will be made. The Bench can, for example, if the player set it, take the iron bars from that furnace specifically as they are produced, and throw them into another one that is producing steel. Or half of them. And the other half into a chest. But another furnace also producing iron bars the player has not set up, will work normally. I think there is a lack of management in this regard. A bit of “hiperborean automation”. Oh, and the SCRIBE lackey could be buyable/contractable from a special location in Sepermeru, for example. With gold coins. Many gold coins. Or even more silver coins.

**2- Upgrading the construction:**There could be another menu, when you hold the (PC)“e key” down, for example, looking at a sandstone foundation piece (or whatever). This menu opens another option roll for UPGRADE. Which in turn opens a small curved tab with the types of material you want to upgrade that piece, you just need to have in your personal inventory the materials for that, without having to keep crafting building pieces to improve your base. It’s already built, you just want to improve it. You wouldn’t need to be crafting foundation or any other pieces and pieces all the time. All you need to do is have the material for the type of construction you want to do into your inventory, and that’s it! You reach the foundation or wall or any piece, press “e key” (PC), rotate through the menus and the piece is immediately replaced by another of the same type, but with a material you have chosen, for example, from sandstone to resined wood. I believe that these two mechanics implemented in the game would be a very big gain in gameplay satisfaction. Sincerely, from a big fan of this wonderful game.

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