Reset for day one?

Do you think it will be a reset the day the game lunch officially ?

You bet!
You just have to wondering if there is going to be anymore resets after the release.

I just started a new game but I think I will wait the release date to play more…

Only Official servers will wipe,
private servers and single player game, is at the owner’s discretion.

after release :
Some official server will reset monthly (blitz)
Some official server will never reset

I would like a season thing like the ladders in diablo 2/3.
I would also like the current “season” duration to be told in serverbrowser, if that is going to happen. (Like if its worth the time to start playing. And not a wipe in 3 days.)

Which applies to which servers?
As there are multiple kinds of servers. Those fast servers (probably what you mean by blitz?), normal and as for pvp, mayhem being normal with raidtime all the time.

they gave the list long time ago but i don’t remember witch one, but it was clear, i think name of server contain blitz.

But i don’t play on official, i prefer private with rule and raid windows so i don’t know if this have change since the begining of earlyacess for official serveur

The reset monthly servers “Blitz” servers were discontinued last august when the Frozen North biome dropped.
They were not popular, I really doubt they will return.

But I’m sure that the server will have a description on the load page.

When I last played on live servers, the fast ones have been the ones which were the most populated ones.

Then again, I think one month is a little short to call it a season… I would think about 3 or up to 6 months instead.