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People are talking about how Servers will wipe every 30 days on consoles Is this accurate. Or can you shed some light on what we would lose? Just buildings and resources? Character as well? Seems kind of pointless to build a massive base just to have it wrecked in 30 days.

I’d like to know where that’s coming from and if it was ever said on an official channel. But no, I don’t think we’ve ever said we would wipe official servers every 30 days. We only wipe when absolutely necessary. If you’re able to find an official source we’ve stated that in, please share. :slight_smile:

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Twitter post from 2017, but maybe that was because it was beta, ill quote it below

“Server wipes every 30 days is to prevent the big player groups from dominating official servers. It also prevents stagnation”

Its been posted a few times on twitter that pvp servers would wipe regularly.

Can you confirm or deny? A lot of the ps4 player base are talking about it on the Facebook fan pages. And like the other fella posted, you guys have tweated about resets a bit.

It may have been that the wipes were part of early access to keep the databases fresh and bugs gone. However some of the tweets referenced things like keeping the communities from stagnating as well.

yea that’s the kicker. I just want clarification haha, me and my tribe have gotten pretty decent sized, not trying to lose all of our stuff in 27 more days lol

I can confirm we won’t be doing that. :slight_smile: I asked the devs too and they mentioned that was very likely from when we had the Blitz servers! Which I’d totally forgotten about. Those were set up to wipe every 30 days.
So yeah, no worries there!

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