Reset Stat Points: powder of corruption?

I’m expecting a Purge this weekend, and last week I got wiped badly with my light armor build.
Going for heavy armor this time, but need to reset my stat points for a new build (I’m only 42 so far).
Question, where can I farm powder of corruption easily?
I believe it’s what I need for the stat points potion.

raw ash is what u need. u get it from mining obsidian in the volcano. u could also use the cheap yellow lotus potion but it will reset your feats as well

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I’ll go for the lotus then, thanks :+1:t3:
I thought it only reset feats.

The demonic crocodile and shalebacks did carry a potion to reset attributes

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Indeed! I got one from 3 skulls scorpion, but drank it quickly, don’t remember which one it was. And they don’t always drop it, as far as I know. Like 1 out of 5 for me so far.

Thanks, good hunting!

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U 2 I am home now going into Conan-Exiles.

The Child of Jebal Sag teach Midnight Alchemy with two potions, one to reset attributes points only, one to reset feats point only.

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