Reset the official server #1995


The official #1995 server is suffering from several problems. The worst of them is the toxicity of the players in the chat, racism and homophobia are common.

Second is that the players blocked resources such as sulfur and metal from the stars, after much insisting they destroyed the blocks but always keep people from the clan to kill the newbies who venture to farm on these points.

I am level 60 myself and I have never been able to farm metal from the stars and can only farm sulfur during the night.

this server needs an urgent reset or players from Brazil will abandon the game for sure. I’ve been playing the game since the first day and now I’m giving up.

At least some of these things, if not all, are against the official server rules. Your best bet is to report the culprits using the procedure described in the rules:

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Good luck :+1:

I understand you very well man, it would be so simple for funcom to block the construction of sulfur, but apparently they don’t want to, the same thing is happening with the server #1997