Resource carts implemented in the game

I would like to see carts in the game where I can load resources.
These wagons are made on “wagon maker’s table” and have a much higher carrying capacity than pack camels, pack rhinos, and pack elephants.

These wagons have better armor against attacks.

They are perfect for moving resources from one base to another.

In the event of an attack on our base, these wagons are used to store resources and valuables.
Avoiding the theft of these objects by other players.

For example:

If other players are attacking our base to steal the items we have there, these carts are used to load all the items in our base and escape from there with all our possessions.

You leave bombs in the base and escape from the place.

There would be several types of wagons.
The carts that are used to move followers and the carts that are used to move objects.

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I’m curious: do you actually play on PVP servers?

I keep reading complaints from those who do about how it’s way too easy to go full encumbrance, pick up all your stuff, and escape.

From what they say, it really doesn’t look like avoiding the theft of your stuff is a problem that needs solving.


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