Resource map new areas?

hey i wanted to know if anyone made/found a resource map that is up to date. i’m looking for steel in the jungle/swamp area, would be nice to know if i’m wasting my time :stuck_out_tongue:
And also just know where stuff is

If you are looking for steel to gather as far as I know your going to be looking for a long time. Mine ironstone, turn it into iron bars. Get tar from turning hides into leather and put that tar and brimstone in alchemy station creating steelfire. Put the iron bars and steelfire into furnace and steel.


Thank you i appreciate it!

Brimstone… there’s a cave east of the oasis pond that is full of it… and unfriendly neighbors. Oh, and the oasis is a lot more unfriendly than it used to be!

Also, keep in mind it takes two ironstone to make one iron bar, and 5 iron bars to make one steel bar. So plan your inventory accordingly, lol. I’ve only dipped my toes in the new biomes, but Flissa on Steam has compiled a guide for the release version of the game which I linked in another thread recently which you can find here that includes a resource map, so you could take a look at that if you wanted to. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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