Resourceful achievement

What happens in case a toon (or all the toons of a class) is deleted?
I’m pretty sure the old toons keep title and achievement but just wondering what happen if a new toon is created at place of the deleted one, will it maintain those even if a class has no 80 anymore? anybody did it before?

Not sure I understand your question correctly Valanno. I deleted a lot of 80’s (only 4 left) and those characters and new created one has it.

Edit: Think I misundersood your question but I would assume its like the Purist achivement, when its unlocked it is unlocked on your account for good. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for answering :slight_smile:
the resourceful achievement is shown at the bottom end in adventuring->advancement (plus the title in title choose list)
So you said you still have that resourceful (and its title)with the new toons?
I was just in doubt after deletion to lose it for new toon(it’s 360+35 achievement points after all), since I want to do another necro but unconquered, but i need to delete a useless tos i never use

I did it and I can confirm, i deleted the tos and created the necro, both achievement and title are in also with the new toon :beers: