Resources/NPCs left out on purpose? Or just forgot to add them?

So far, I have found that the following:

Grey-Flower Lupine
Raw Ash (unless farming storm creatures)

are absent from the game. Was this on purpose, or did the devs forget? With and without mods, these are still very useful resources. But, as far as mods go…

…The Age Of Calamitous mod utilizes these mats for items needed to function as close to fully as it can. Since the map for what ever reason isn’t able to be modded, the server admin has to manually build in the server, the -mod specific- resources to work the rest of the way.

You can also get raw ash from some of the vaults. Storm creatures are still far more productive as a farming method though.

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Obsidian - I get tons from cannibal surges
Raw Ash - tons and tons from farming the maelstrom creatures
Dragon stuff - Higher tier surges (Aesir, Relic Hunters IIRC)

I haven’t seen grey flower lupine. Also missing are sandbeast bile glands (required for some weapon recipes you get)

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Like I said, “So far.” lol. I have yet to do anything with surges. Been exploring the island and building up my single player character. It would have been nice to find obsidian nodes in the center of the island perhaps, even if a rare few. Knowing they come from cannibal surges (don’t know how much work is involved with starting one as of yet) for me, kind of takes away from the game mechanic just a bit. Same for the raw ash.

It would be neat to have camp fires produce a byproduct of raw ash, since you are burning wood. lol.

Surges will be significantly easier to trigger once the current 2.3 patch goes live.

Then, if playing unmodded siptah, you would run into the problem of not having a volcanic forge to smelt them. Generally, it is not up to the devs to balance the game around mods but rather the other way around. However, I do agree that we shouldn’t need mats that don’t drop or recipes that require them. The map is still in EA so it could simply be the case that those are added later.


If you play modded single-player game then you can use mod producing Raw Ash, “Hesruks More Realistic Raw Ash Crafting v.1.0.1”. But lesser Storm creatures are not too tough to kill so in Siptah you can get Raw Ash easier then in Exiles Lands. Just come a few steps into the Storm not to get too much of them and run away when they become too numerous.
Speaking of Grey Flower Lupine, Emberlight team added it’s seeds to some of mod-specific loot. Maybe ask AoC authors to do the same - add seeds to their loot?


Thanks for the suggestions… but with Grey Flower Lupine, for the AoC mod, it has to be the plant “node” because of the AoC material that comes from it.

What grid is the shrine that starts a cannibal surge?

Can’t you just grow it in planters to get this resourse? If you have enough seed from some loot it would be ok. And if you have Emberlight you have new self-sustaining planters giving new seeds :wink:

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As far as I know, unfortunately not. The way the mod works, is that you gather from the “nodes” to get the mod specific mats. If you cut plants down like False Mandrake, you the AoC plant, Widow’s Leaf and or the seeds for it as well. Cut down Grey Flower Lupine, it begets the AoC plant Dragon Fern, and so on.

I’ll test in the exiled lands if the self sustaining planters would grow AoC seeds. If so, that can be helpful in other ways.

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Of the south, I believe.

You can do a Cannibal surge from any working Leyshrine, just do the South lens, or whatever it is.

Raw ash is a very common drop. Obsidian, Dragon Bone and Dragon Horn you can get with a convergence trap. Don’t know about gray lupine, that is definitely missing from my travels on the Isle.

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