Respawn / cooldown

Is it just me, or does it seem like here is a L O N G cooldown timer when respawning after being killed? Is this by design so you have no chance at saving your thrall, or retrieving your gear?

The cooldown timer is 10 seconds

If you’re referring to the loading screen though, then that is another matter.
Loading will be highly dependent on the speed of the drive that Conan is installed on (An SSD will load almost instantly vs a HDD can take several minutes on occasion)

They are working to optimize this though as much as they can, if you check out the testlive patch-notes released today, that is specifically one of the issues targeted.

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It’s several minutes on my lan ps5.

Some amount of that time must be approximated by the hardware that loads the UE4 textures (where most of the time goes between transitions). That should be part of the calculus before the driver loops.

So right now it looks like total time is split between two different heads, one based on newer technology… nudge nudge… maybe for dune… maybe just for SSD.

It’s just the over-compression that faults the ps4 pro console.

Doesn’t the timer get longer the more often you are killed in a set amount of time?

We are talking the timer it shows before the loading screen correct? Or just the loading screen itself?


i believe it does and caps out at 30 seconds.


Is CE stored on an external drive since it’s a PS4 game? Put it into the PS5 memory instead. It helps.

No external drive, the load line fills and then sits at full for minutes before loading. Rarely does it just load up. I have friends who have PS5s and the same issue.

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