Respawning in a separate dungeon

So I did the Warmaker dungeon today, and then afterwards I did the Wine Cellar dungeon. But when I died in the WC dungeon, I respawned at the beginning of the Warmaker dungeon.
I was so taken aback at this discovery, but here’s how I think it happened.

So I got the undead dragon in the Warmaker dungeon, and I had to do some real life stuff so I turned off the Xbox and left. I returned to the game an hour or so later and found my character had been sent back to the start. So I just decided to ghost my way back to where I was with admin mode and continue with the instance.

Afterwards, I returned to my base and used admin mode to spawn in my rewards since I’ve done it more than once already, items being the Godbreaker and Champion armor, Annhiliator, and Ranissan. I got the Nortis mace from the dungeon itself.

This is all on a new character btw. Then I did the Wine Cellar dungeon and my first death was to the skeleton boss with the hammer. Forgot how hard he hit. Then I respawned at the start of the Warmaker dungeon. How this worked, I don’t know, but it was definitely something worth reporting.

End note: Godbreaker and Champion armors are in separate columns in the admin panel. The gloves are in gear but the other pieces are in Other.

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