Respect for other players in PvE

Hello all,

I’m play on Official Server and people don’t respect other player and it hurts the gameplay.
People build wall on the Obelisk.

Or people build and block access in PvE is really not cool. Because you can’t climb the mountain. That block access to more areas.

Please Funcom Create rules to avoid these abuses that affect the gameplay.


I do belive the rules already exist but aren’t enforced… my advice for you is to find a good PVE/PVE-C private server with a active admin. I played official and decided to switch to private when New Asgarth was completely walled off… good luck finding the right one for you!

They do not. Or to be exact, there are rules but only for a few select offenses, blocking off the obelisks (unfortunately) isn’t counted as an offense.

Your best bet is finding a better server, whether private or official is up to you. There’s good ones and bad ones of either kind. Personally, the “petty kings” you often find on private servers sooner or later isn’t for me, but there are some for whom it’s the best way to play.

Thankfully on my (official PvE) server we have a community of mature* players who support each other in making sure “public infrastructure” is protected, despite repeated attempts to troll it in the past. Big shout out to Hal for his tireless work in that regard of course :bowing_man: .

*don’t get a big head guys and girls, you’re all mental!


Funcom has created a google form to report server problem.

It could add a google form for abuse reports on players that harm the gameplay, with screenshot support and the official server involved. It would not be a few things that would not be very complicated to set up. And this would allow the user to be banned from all official servers in the event of a repeat offence.

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Same things on the official PvE-Conflict server where we play.

It required work to build a community, but in the long run is the way to enjoy the game with other peoples.

Is there a member of Funcom who could answer this request?

This is their statement on the matter. It’s probably as close to an official answer as you’re going to get, since - frustrating though it is - it deals with your situation:

I’ve never gotten answers so far, but once I saw they corrected the configuration of the server as I pointed them on the form. I believe they read them, even when they won’t answer them.

Another example of the kind of problem that can be encountered.

it doesn’t address the problem in any way because it can be solved by prohibiting building on certain areas.

It’s a little too easy to say we have a lot of servers. It’s like there’s a lot of cheaters and we don’t react. And to fight against cheats they are rather active.

The only solution is to prohibit construction in certain areas.

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Official servers are just to cut your teeth. There are more selfish players than not.
Just like on the freeway.
If you want it done right, just your own server, or run on someone else’s who cares about the game.
WE did
We have been on an official servers since day one. Now a days we visit there a couple times a week. We have too much to loose there.
The rest of the time we are on a private server, where we have say so, tho not owners.

Official servers are preferable to a lot of people because they are impartial.


Official servers are preferable because they are more durable than private servers. Because if the admin decides overnight to shut down the server. Private Server isn’t solution.


It would simply take a bigger wall to encircle the bigger area, but people who want to harass others have surprising amounts of time and patience so I’ve no doubt that they would do so even if they had to build the wall around the whole desert biome.

A possible solution someone once suggested was drawing an invisible “beam” from each obelisk to the others and make those beams no-build zones (they could be pretty narrow) so as to make travel between all obelisks possible. Unfortunately, now that I look at the map from this point of view, seven out of nine of my current bases would be straight on these paths. I seem to be drawn to ley lines without even knowing they exist.

The only solution will remain a technical solution in the game code. Because you can’t put an admin on every server. The possibility of making the bosses appear a few put or even in another area would make the game a little more random. Invisible beam is another good idea.

In any case, only the developers can find us a good idea to solve this problem.

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