Ressources Management (HR) and Priorities - Food for Thoughts

Here are some considerations on ressources management. Much more could be said but I’d like to keep it simple. Furthermore, chances are that Funcom has a much broader set of considerations and already has adopted an optimal approach for the given situation.

  • Taking stock of users feedback is important as they are your customers / funds provider. However unreported issues may be just as critical as easily-observable issues.
  • Facing many issues and few ressources, the classic approach is to panic and work on the top priorities. Top priorities are often the most challenging, depending of how priorities are established (key aspect).
  • The balance of top priorities is consequently the rest of it, by definition the majority of issues. Therefore dispatching all ressources on top priorities results in leaving the majority of issues non-addressed. Leaving the majority of issues non-addressed creates irritability among the customer basis which impedes the sustainability of the organization.
  • For overall efficiency, an approach is to assess the length and level of difficulty for each issue/priority. It allows for placing all ressources on addressing all the quick and easy issues. As a result, the list of issues is quickly narrowed down to essential priorities and all ressources are available to work on it.
  • Finally, you have the chance to be located in a part of the world where like nowhere else so much value is placed into “organically structured organization” as opposed to “bureaucratic hierarchical org.” In other words, everyone is valuable regardless to their background, level and seniority; what matters most is the team output rather than who gets the credit for it. Make use of that and let go the ownership of tasks. A senior can solve a junior task in no time and some people may be willing to perform co-worker’s burdensome sub-tasks.
  • May the Force be with you…

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