Restore the Original game music for those of us who are not playing Island of Whatever

Your updates to get your expansion out the door trampled upon the original CE property that we all enjoyed.

Since the expansion has been available on Steam, your base game has gotten a facelift and a redesign. The problem is, I did not purchase the expansion. Where did the original in-game music disappear to? What happened to the graphics that we know and ‘love’?

Though I realize you consider the in-game experience to be nothing but a perpetual advertisement for whatever it is you are selling, I would like to respect that which came before the current moment. An internet search would reveal that many people enjoyed the music of the original product. There might even be articles dedicated to the team which brought that music to life.

Now, I have to listen to a monotone funeral dirge with no creative aspect whatsoever, while looking at a drab blue background for something I could care less about.

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Hey bedwin,

I have moved this thread to the Isle of Siptah subforum, as it provides feedback on Update 2.0. The thread will be seen regardless.

Gamer companies tend to over right the old with the new.
Most likely its gone forever.

Think of it as a constant reminder there is something else to play.

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Around the same day I wrote this suggestion, I took some time to catch up with Siptah product information. You see, I had stepped away from regularly playing around on Conan Exiles, because I was super-frustrated with how many times people took the effort to try and communicate with the company hoping for corrective actions in a reasonable process, only for their comments to be closed after seven days, or down-ranked by the community. I didn’t realize this was not a bug-tracking system, but a public relations product.

There are also annoying corrections to the game, such as the heavy-handed new potion / healing wrap world, nixing Soothing system, which also disregarded the purposes of the multitude of existing food healing effects. The wiki contributors must love this, by the way, all the work this precipitates.

So, the expansion product looks like a good value for $20 in the US. I would purchase that. But, I probably will not jump on that any time soon, as I would be pulled back into this world where so much potential is not lived up to. Just like the destruction of the offline Single-Player experience, the bungling of the Steam / Funcom hosting / matchmaking system, and the forcing of new user experience (artwork changes) on the shoulders of the player base in a heavy-handed manner; no I do not enjoy playing in such an environment.

No reply or comments are needed. Just wishing our efforts to help make this a better product were heeded more often. But this is not our job - so there’s a limit to what we’ll endure.

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