Resurrected Corpses report as having died, then returning home

I logged out last night with 3 zombies following me. I logged out at my base, which is where the zombies where standing guard at before I had them following me. When I logged in today, they weren’t where they were supposed to be. When I check the server log, I show a report that they had died, then the next line it reports they returned home.

LOL…so the guarding/ scouting accountability is separate to the thrall? That’s awesome!

From my measures, a zombie lasts about 50 hours. Were they that old?

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I was unaware there was a time limit on them. That makes them pretty useless to be honest. Making a named T4 a zombie only for them to die in 50 hours…makes me not want to make zombies. They might have been around there. Zombified them Monday evening, and they vanished Wednesday night / Thursday Morning.

They are instant level 20 thralls. If you use RHTS fighter, they can get up to 12K HP! and if you have your shallow grave around unnamed city, you can farm out quite the sizable amount and take them 3 at a time to your base for defense.

PLUS if you have the authority skill, it applies to all three that can follow you. Think of Well-trained effects on 3 thralls all sporting a native 12K HP…disgustingly OP. Thag, schmag.

That still makes me not want to bother running a necro build. In the time it takes to subdue a T4 fighter, its just not worth while. Better off just running with 2 T4 zerkers or something as an authority build.

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