Retreating NPCs do not fight back

In J5, tried to KO a T3 swordsman and was down to 10%, ran for the water. As I was healing, the NPC started to retreat to his spawn point.

I could stand in front of him and stop his forward movement while I pummelled him unconscious. While he did draw his sword once or twice, he never swung. Zero damage taken by me, but drug him to the wheel.



Hey @Jim1

Thanks for the feedback, it’s been sent to our team so they can look into it.

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If it helps @Ignasi, this is related to the leashing mechanic.

You can reproduce this in Sept City by going to the gate nearest the green wall, where the crafters are camped out. Attack one, run out of the gate, and there’s an invisible “line” just past the gate where they will simply turn around and walk back to their spawnpoints, ignoring anything you do until they get there.

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