Retuning to the Exiles

As the title says I’m returning to play Conan Exiles after a very long break. And I’m lost. So many new benches, a whole new map that looks very interesting to explore, conquer and dominate. But where to start on this island ?
I tried a solo / coop game to get a look at the island, with a starting place on the south-eastern shore. And made my base on a small lake in N8. Nice place with a lot of iron and aloe ressources and brimstones close enough at the Bat Tower. Though, a little dangerous to gather at low / mid-level. But other than that nothing to fight except some doe for meat, not even a stag.
Is the map as much empty everywhere ? And is there a guide for the dungeons somewhere ?

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Go inland plenty of ways to die maelstrom drops various beasts and NPC,S there’s various vaults and dungeons. Yet to check out the whole map myself.

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