Return of Character Transfer?

Hello everyone :wave:

I been hearing rumors about the return of the Character Transfer as it used to be or as Character copy for the online .

Are they true ?

If yes , when will be announced for the The return of the Character Transfer ?

It’s possible on servers set up with connections between maps but it’s not as a thing you can just do.

Um my apologies my friend. But I am looking for confirmation of those rumors if they true or not.

Nothing currently, no.

Gawd, I sooo want them to bring server transfers back. Please Funcom! :pray:

If I recall correctly, they’ve said on past Dev streams that there is no plan to bring back character transfer anytime soon.

Character transfer in the realm of “Take your guy to any server” isn’t on the agenda at this time. Map transfer between EX and SIP are possible. Private can do it now. Don’t know if official is doing or going too do it. However it would be designated servers not just anywhere.

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