Return of the faction missions! Initial thoughts?



“Hard” in the context of SWL. Which is, pretty much, “meant for higher IP”.

This isn’t TSW anymore.


True. In TSW all new content was hard (next dungeons after DW, first version on Tokyo, first runs of New York Raid, first runs of Eidelon, first solo NM Scenarios, first runs of Tokyo Dungeons…). It didnt have to have certain gear (IP) reguirements, they were just plain hard for starters until you “get” them. In SWL, everything is boring easy, except to those who freshly started with low IP. Nothing new content have offered real challenge to end gamers. Im not end gamer, and everything is easy AF. Labeling same content, what you have to do over and over again as “hard”, is pretty much over shooting.


It is ok that they set a IP cap to do the missions
no actually none of them is hard
you can choose if u rush them or grind your way to the end

all in all nice quest
if mobs get HP reduced a bit and damage is scaled a bit all will be fine
ok and the filth boss in into darkness needs attention


Indeed, E3 is probably an upper limit, I remember when they released the elite tiers, that I needed to actively farm dungeons to unlock E2 and E3 (but it was before kaidan and the lowering of IP requirements for dungeons).

The gear can vary based on subscriber/non subscriber status (mostly due to daily caches that have a good impact on item power at lower power levels), knowledge and events.

For instance, my alts on my non subscriber accounts are 107 and 142 item power mid early-mid kaidan (E3 is 250). So it’s possible for a cautious and slow paced subscriber to reach 250 by the end of SA (especially with the caches).

Nevertheless, If we go for a real storymode of those missions, I don’t think it makes much sense to put an arbitrary IP gate. It should be doable and readily available to any casual player who reached the logical time for those missions. Moreover, In those cases monsters shouldn’t feel like boring hit sponges unless it has narrative relevance.


Thank you for the return of faction missions, for this loot of glyph xp elsewhere than in the scenar and in this level system that is (for me) a success!

I took a lot of fun to rediscover his old missions and especially to have a new addition where everything becomes rush because my equipment makes me oneshot the mobs. This is a great idea, it was a request from the community (thank you for listening) and I hope we will find it on the rest of the content to come!

Now, I’m waiting for you to hear the other raids as well (Eidolon or / and Flappy) :kissing_heart:


As a blood main without Cruel Delight or other miracle cures I struggled quite a bit with some of the boss fights at E10. I had to play extremely defensively, which of course made them last even longer.


It certainly isn’t, and it makes me sad to see what was once my favourite game reduced to this. They lost me as a player a long time ago and I wouldn’t recommend SWL in its current form to any of my friends. The only reason I continue to log in is to use my daily cache key, and I probably won’t continue to do that forever…


The ‘new’ faction missions aren’t hard. The fight’s because of the bigger health pools are just boring to get through.

As for a story mode version - it’s silly to not have one. Story mode raid, dungeons, scenarios are lvl 50 no IP number required. Next jump is ip 175. If I was a casual, story only sort to get gated by this content for no reason, it’s solo so not hurting a group, etc., I’d be mad.

Besides the fact calling VMC a faction mission is a stretch, although I guess we can make the leap that the Phoenicians are a faction.


I get the feeling it’s kept in because of the story implications of the new Lore pieces.


Oh no. :worried:


My weakest character found the first two quests very challenging, but doable. The other two pretty much breezed through. All done on max possible level, two E5 and one E9. (Only the E9 has Cruel Delight.)

I’d seen them before but I really liked how the Dragon version was redone with Daimon.

Does anyone know what agents drop from the first two missions? The faction one is guaranteed from Rogue Agent, but the other two also have a chance to drop something.


Into Darkness gives the Uniform and the faction mask, VMC gives a Uniform, and Rogue Agent give Uniform + Agent


Who are the Agents given? I know Dragon gives you Dae-Su, your ‘Combat Trainer’ from the beginning. Does Templar give out Brigadier Lethe and Illuminati gives De La Guarda?




Nice! This update’s looking better and better for me. I like these characters and they got kinda short-changed in the TSW to SWL transfer. This is a neat idea to repurpose them.


My blood main character had more trouble with it too, but she’s only E3.

The Rogue Agent achievement was a nice challenge worth calling “hard” imo. I had fun with that, it reminded me of soloing elite dungeons in TSW in a good way :smiley:

Just…over all, when I hear devs say ‘this will be hard’ about SWL, I translate that into ‘this will require higher IP’. I don’t see how it could ever be different given how prohibitive experimentation is in SWL. All solo things must be made doable by all weapon and gear combinations; that’s a significant roadblock to difficulty and is the reason Deathless and Padurii lost their bite.


they changed the HP and damage of the boss mobs of the faction missions

patch notes 06.08.2018


Finally got back to the game after this balance patch…

Is the final fight using the rocket launcher supposed to be so miserable? Obviously the ability bar has no heals in it and since it’s got 2 second casts CD is kinda unhelpful. I ran it on E8 and did finish but only after dying ~9 times, usually to the group of 4 all getting 2 hits each off on me, and either interrupting every single rocket launcher ability I tried to use or I tried to dodge out of their cones and interrupted it myself.


The only ability that has 2s of cast time is the Big Red Button. You can also precast Clusterstruck on the enemies’ path. You can also simply spam Pop Shot and it’ll stun everyone in the radius of the Taoe.

But you’re fundamentally right about healing, the best thing is to play with angles of the truck imo so not all the anamies are always able to hit you. I got screwed up as well on this fight since i have my hit glyphs on weapons so i keep glancing a lot in E10 T_T. Fortunately, i’ve got Cruel Delight. But this whole thing, on top of many other cons about hit glyphing on weapons, made me finally choose to start working on reglyphing.


I found it quite fun. I am sure part of the reason none of that section was remotely dangerous for me was because I kept glancing and evading everything :slight_smile: Anyhow, I stood on the platform and lead with Clusterstruck then Pop Shotted everything in the face–Clusterstruck drops a massive DoT AOE and Pop Shot has an AoE knock down so they can’t get out of it. Worked well.