Return of the faction missions! Initial thoughts?



Put your AA to 100 Survivability. It wont affect your damage at all.


I’ve found that the more i run it, the easier it gets. Personally i lay down the GTAoE where i expect the mobs to come from, then hit them with the primary attack to keep them knocked into it. For the bigger mobs, I’ll use the ability on E, if im sure they are knocked over from the primary attack. Use the jump only to create distance, but honestly since adapting to this tactic, running hasn’t really been overly nessecary.


There’s always the gadget. And, as other people already mentioned, spamming RMB on the gap between the oil tanks and the truck is pretty much foolproof.

Edit : for me, the change that gas canisters do proper damage now is much more interesting than “bosses” losing 20% hp, since there are lots of cans to blow up but only two “bosses” you personally have to take care of.


place the Crosshair in the middel between the trucks. They alwasy spawn behind the trucks.
If the Crosshair gets White, signaling combat place the GTAOE between the trucks, more to you then to the ware houses. Enemy will walk into the GTAOE. After that scam your Basic rocketlauncher attack.
All Mobs will get KD in GTAOE and will melt away in your rocket Barrage never be able to stand up again.

@All can you make the gas cans explode with the launcher?
Seems not to work for me…


I made it to SA just fine with less then 180 IP - i also spent less than 12 hours in Transylvania.

These faction missions should NOT be gated by IP requirement
They were missions granted to us when we advanced as an agent via rank gained from XP not Item Power like how dungeons and raids/scens are.

Just because they foobarred the agents rankings does not mean we need IP locks on missions that should have already been available

But i guess it’s too late to change anything now coz it’s already been stifled and buried in wonky scaling code and shade.


That really depend what you put in Story Missions. Being unable to do these Faction Missions, doesn’t halt your progress through the Main Story.

I get the concern with IP gating these missions, but i also partly get why they did it. Without the minimum IP requirement, they would all just unlock right away at lvl 50, or after Tokyo, or whatever else is required to do them. One after another. With any other rank, some game time is required to reach the next one. At level 50 there are no more levels to use as the gate on this, as IP become the “lvl” instead. So how else are they supposed to separate these missions. They could maybe have started with E2 instead of E3. Use some IP that is not part of the Elite IP requirements? The last one seems like more of a bother than it is worth.

Or maybe not. They need to test out their scaling system, and with any new implementation, feedback is important. Gotta remember that scaling missions is new territory. Even if a change isn’t made for these missions, feedback will be taken into consideration for future implementations, even if not all of it will be adhered to.


I think it’s actually a good idea to have some more difficult story missions.
I mean… Yeah, people should be enjoying the story. But having some (Less important) story beats gated for the higher geared players is a nice incentive for those players to keep playing. I mean, I know I now have an incentive to work harder to get my gear up to snuff. (I’ve been kinda slacking in that department.)


You’re not supposed to have to grind away at the game to unlock a Mission. Be it story or not.
Faction missions contain story - not story as you know it in the Arc but it’s story in their own rights none the less.
Nirvelle also said he would have liked to have expanded upon the stories of each faction as he felt they had more to tell.
And no - I don’t get why these missions were not already present.
The only thing different is the IP lock and wonky scale testing they did and a scenario reward.


I dunno. In my mind it seems kinda logical. Want some extra story? Advance in level and/or gear.
But that might be just me.
And this isn’t because I’m overgeared and could do them right away. My best character has a Tier 4 IP level so I can’t even get to Rogue Agent yet. (And Venetian Missile Crisis is out of my reach at the moment, too).
That said, I can get the frustration of not having them right away, so I won’t outright go ‘You’re wrong.’ just ‘For me this works’.


You gain a faction rank every 5 levels.
{Blonde Moment}
We should have had the missions already .
Faction Missions were gated by faction rank - that is how it should still be.
“Difficulty scaling” has added the scenario type reward - for what otherwise would be a completely pointless IP cap on all three missions.


Strange, I distinctly remember getting a Faction Rank Up at Level 50.
That said, I’m past the point of knowing if getting the missions during levelling or after them would make a difference so I can’t really comment on that.
Guess it’s one of those ‘Agree to disagree’ moments.


I do belive we are an a good way here, they use the Faction missions to test scaling for quest.
So If enough data is gathered, why not set IP scaling on all?

KM IP 1000 the gent? and u want some suggar on top?
Hell yes, I wanne see 30K hp zombs running around in KM \o/ woot

and yes it feels odd the missions are IP gated.

try to look from that perspective, if implemented as in TSW, you get the missions far before tokio.
So that would only some lvl 20 / 25 / 30 Intermezzo quest for Faction Ranking…

The way it is now is not ideal but ok, we can try the missions on different lvl and give Feedback about how it feels to solo them.

I would love to do VMC in duo or Group…

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it feels odd but I belive we shoul accept this and and hope for good test results so they decide to set scaling to all maps, as requested very early on reddit and in here.


I for one am happy they were added like this. I don’t mean the scaling and stuff, but when they unlock. In TSW i found it extremely invasive in the Main Story line to be interrupted somewhere on Solomon Island. “So i need you to interrupt this super important investigation you are doing, and go mess up this Lumi trade going down”. I never liked how they were placed for the Main story. That more than anything makes me happy they didn’t just slap them in again in SWL.

We get a rank per 5 lvls, up to rank 10 … so we got ranked all the way to 50


I just checked - 2 stars but has wings - rank 11? shrugs lol
I guess the whole time i thought it was lvl 2 since no way to tell what rank you are anymore, never even noticed the wings.


You are correct lol I can only assume i never even noticed since i didn’t actually get anything barr the un-noticeable notification? lol


I remember quite some visual and auditory cues. But then again I’m kinda hypervigilant.


They were. Agree or disagree about how good of an idea it is for the game, it remains that we now know our factions know (generally) what our IP is. It means that all that infusing a belt here and a necklace there with anima shards is part of the story. Our factions are rewarding dedication to empowering ourselves with rank.

That’s the story now. It’s kind of interesting to bring that into the story, but I always liked how TSW had story so deeply intertwined with mechanics. E5 is still pretty high just for casual story gameplay though.

They didn’t. We stopped at 10, and from day one, there were three achievements to gain 11, 12, and 13 from “faction rank up”. They even tagged the Faction Scooter as unlocked the same way, but apparently forgot about it. This kind of handling of the old faction missions was intended from the start.


It’s incredibly weird that everything else with a story, up to and including the New York raid, can be played through on story mode but these three missions are gated. Even if they didn’t award the faction rank up/cosmetics/agent slot there should still be a story mode option, especially since the missions have lore in them.


The most spammable attack, Pop Shot, has 1 second cast followed by 1 second cooldown so you hit once every 2 seconds, CD performs better the more hits/second you do.

That part did go a lot better on repeat though since I knew not to bother casting anything at the start of the fight, wait til they’re bunched up and casting and then start fighting them. Also 100% tank AA worked better because lol.

Most annoying (as hammer user) is the single AR guys who reverse kite aggressively, I have to get past them every time or they kite into other groups of mobs.

Today I ran all 3 of them on e8 for a fair comparison. (yesterday I did 9 7 9 or something cause I knew venetian was the worst)
Into darkness - 8 minutes (not much combat, 1 900k hp boss)
Venetian Missile Crisis without trying to skip stuff - 22 minutes (lots of combat, several 900k hp bosses, several ‘wait for waves’ steps)
Rogue Agent - 10 minutes (lotta sprint 4 running, missed one statue buff)

I think on future repeats to be efficient I would play into darkness at e8, venetian never again, and rogue agent at e9 since it has almost no combat anyway and e10 rewards are garbage.


If we had several whole more zones’ worth of main story content to play through after Tokyo, then there would be logical places to insert the faction rank-up missions without an equipment check.

But obviously, we don’t have that amount of content available, and the time it takes to develop the new content would mean that the time for the faction missions to all return using that philosophy would take… well, years.