Return to inventory button doesn’t work!

Tested on a clean version of the game without mods. No Placed items can be returned to your inventory.
Game mode: Single-player

Hmm. I haven’t noticed this issue in my current singleplayer game (but it’s possible that the last time I moved stuff might have been before the latest hotfix). Has this only recently started happening? (I’ll check it out tonight and see if I get the same issue).

Just tested, no issues picking up benches.

I have issues with dropping stuff. If I’m crafting or at a workbenches inventory while I wanna drop an item out of my pockets with a mouse it just does not work.

Nope it all still seems fine for me (in singleplayer) - was able to pick up benches, placeables, storage items. I wonder what’s causing the difference. Have you tried verifying the files to make sure there’s nothing broken there?

Yepp. I have no problems with picking up, the default drop key (space) works, mouse command doesn’t.
I did not report this because it’s a molecular-sized problem for me, but I thought it worth mentioning here because this can be related to the original problem.

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