Returned player feedback

I agree with this… I didn’t look at blueprints, but I think a lot of people don’t realize how this game actually started out in early access and how many changes went into every aspect of it on multiple occasions. For example the “grass showing through foundations” problem was “fixed” like 3 times already… and each time it actually got better… I don’t think a lot of players realize that at first literally every single strand of grass showed through that was in the area and over time it got “thinned out”.

As well as the fact that building placement went through so much…
Here’s an example from way back:

There is absolutely no reason in the world why that piece shouldn’t snap in place… and that was a very common occurrence back then, sometimes requiring you to demolish and rebuild walls to “update” them and it might snap a second time… Building a base was 3 steps forward, 2 steps back with destroying pieces to snap the one next to them being a common occurence.
Today a lot of that is absolutely gone and compared to that building is pretty “flawless”

The same was the case with items and yes, some of those still happen. On my last save about a year ago thou I couldn’t place a lot of things, while on this save I’m playing right now so far I haven’t had any issues, so there are definitely improvements, just slow and steady instead of one fancy solution instantly.

lol, that one made me laugh… the BUG :slight_smile:

The savages!!! stealing cups and curtains…

Anyway, in my opinion the game has come a very long way in terms of bug fixes and improvements. Obviously it’s far from perfect. I typically play it every 6 months to a year and then play it for a few months till I build up my base and revisit all the content. That kinda gives a nice perspective cuz I can see the changes in slightly bigger blocks, I think it’s kinda hard to notice them when you’re constantly playing and you only see one small update at a time.
The annoying pet bug that I reported thou!!! urrgghhh screams emotionally


And that’s actually still a problem sometimes - even today!


Lol, that sucks, I didn’t get it for quite a while. However what I was trying to say is that back then it was happening pretty much for everyone and all the time… it really was quite frustrating as you had to destroy adjacent pieces to fit new ones very often and then put them back in reverse order. Compared to that there have definitely been improvements, it’s sad that it’s still not completely eliminated thou

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Usually when that happens, I switch a different piece and return to that piece to place it. Or continue building elsewhere and come back. Just a glitch to me. Never had it where it stopped me permanently placing said item. So, I think this is lower priority issue for me for them to work on.


Yeah, that’s what I think too. Since most people don’t build too elaborately the problems aren’t super common, and when they do pop up there are sometimes work-arounds - so, yeah, these bugs take a fairly low priority. But that’s a shame IMO. Other games with building in them anything similar to Conan are on top of any and all building related bugs - like building is their top priority. At least true with a few other games I’ve played. I would want that to be true for FC too - but it doesn’t seem to be. It’s pretty frustrating when you have to change or give up on a design because the building system is broken to that extent. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not the most elaborate builder, but I generally build big and complex enough to run into these problems. The building system has improved amazingly over the years.

It’s true that I still run into the glitch where I’m placing a bunch of walls and the game doesn’t register a perfectly viable spot as an option. It happens on a regular basis to me, but it’s as simple to work around as always – either look away and look back, or switch to a different piece and back.

Still, even with that glitch, it’s much, much better than it was before. The only thing that really drives me crazy are the inverted sloped walls, those are buggy af and often don’t have any workarounds.

I mean, this is partly about priority and partly about the reproducibility. Some bugs are really hard to nail down, and it takes a lot of testing to get a reliable repro for them. A player-submitted bug report that includes a reliable repro can be extremely helpful, but most players don’t even realize how important that is, so you’re back to trying to test it whenever you have the bandwidth and hoping you’ll stumble upon the repro eventually.

And that’s where the priority comes in: if building is your top priority, then you’ll devote a lot of testing resources until you crack the bug.


decay will take care of them. bb

Fellow exile, first of all, I believe you!!!
I play on Playstation 4 and weird things hapened to me the past years.
On single player, I was fixing a temple for a contest and I lost all of it, over 60.000 pieces 5 days of gaming, poof, just like that.
Then again on 3504 and 3740, I lost every single item I had in base, everything, without a single foundation missing or a reference in the eventory log.
Poof, just like that :man_shrugging:.
Playstation 4 is garbage for this game m8, it struggles to perform.
Don’t take me wrong, I do enjoy the game still, yet I don’t expect miracles. I don’t blame Funcom that wants to go forward with the game and I still don’t own a better platform to enjoy it you know :man_shrugging:, it’s my fault!!!
I am really sorry you experience this s… t, it really sucks a big time.
I would suggest you to come back about 3 weeks after the 3.0 release, maybe consoles will need a hot fix too, especially ps4.
Cheers m8 :+1:t6:, hope to see you again.


It’s not unheard of for the decay system to not be functioning properly.

Back in 2018 I remember my buddies and I building our first decent sized black ice base. We went out farming and upon return, literally watched our base pop. Bags everywhere.

Even recently, people on this forum have been claiming issues with decay timers on official servers. Especially chests popping.

Glitches like this are the worst kind because it leaves a sour taste in the players mouth and feeling of wasted time.

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This is reproducible all day every day and it’s been there since I started playing:

They added this mess with the release of 2.8 even though we told them during TestLive over one month prior to release that it was a problem. This is still there and what do you wanna bet it will be there in 3.0?

At this point no, it just can’t be about reproducibility… far too much of it is perfectly reproducible and yet not remedied. I would use the phrase “not addressed” but Multigun would argue it saw changes (which didn’t fix the issues - LOL).


welcome in conan exiled!!

this game will teach you to be a brave person.

if you are not you cant survive :frowning:

I remember building castles in sand and my brother acted like a Conan avatar :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.
I remember he was building towers from playing cards and I was opening the windows :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Or together spending hours to fix a puzzle on the kitchen table and my mother the next day sweeping it back to the box :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Gaming is not work!!!
Gaming is fun!!!
I spend my free time to something that makes me feel good.
Ofcurce after we destroy the gaming efforts of each other we were running around for fight, but hey this was game too :sweat_smile:.
Now we remember what we did to each other and laugh, but back then we were going with tears in our eyes saying, mom Nikos broke my sand castle :sob:.
Beautiful days, simply beautiful!!!
What we remember the most in our life is our “rough” experiences. So when bad things happen, we should be more open and welcome, because at this day you record in your mind a memory.
And memories are precious!!!

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I already equipped my brave helmet :joy:

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now you are ready for the next bug :stuck_out_tongue:

Or Made it worse.

As a gamer and as a customer i don’t need to understand those things. For simple people it all comes to , does it work ? Yes or no ? If it does does it work good ? Or doesnt ?

Climbing used to work perfectly in the past, until it got broken quite a long time ago. Now we have to rely on workarounds so we don’t fall yo our possible deaths

Yup and you always come to defend the corporation and SIDE with them no matter what. So tnis always the same. Sure you mute the thread after you pour your pro corporate Venom as usual.

I don’t need to understand anything or how complex a problem is. I AM a customer , not a Game designer. Some of the problems here came with an update, such is the case as climbing.

Wheels of pain and animal pens (large ones can be a pain to deploy . I don’t need excuses. Can it be fixed or not ? If yes when ? It’s been years

There are people with their toons in limbo, can it be fixed or not ?

They fix some Bugs with every update yes. They Also break stuff un every update. Some are quiclky fixed in a hotfix , others Will not get fixed . This is pure reality and i Challenge you to prove me wrong.


Its always been like that …


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I would like to think that the dev’s and players are on the same team. I know it’s naive given that history has shown us over and over that the answer to the question, “Can’t we all get along?” is not “No.” It’s “Hell, no!” That being said it’s a very hard job being a game developer. They have to have thick skins and put up with a lot of extraneous stuff that often times is just a player venting their pent up emotion and angst. I do not envy them.


Hmm, not sure where you’re getting these impressions from. I’m a game developer - have been since the 8bit days and it’s nothing like that for me. And I guess not for any of the people I’ve ever worked with either. I’ve changed hats quite a lot in the past 40 years but…

I mean if I’m getting you right in taking your meaning to be that it’s a hard job because of players venting

It’s a hard job because of the brain-strain and the hours for sure. But devs are usually pretty shielded from the feedback circus. And back when companies were so much smaller pretty much all player → Dev interactions rare though they were, were exclusively accolade filled - even approaching hero worship. But these days it’s just so much black-box work… I doubt the vast majority of game programmers even have a clue what the fanatics (fans) are saying. That’s more the roll of the suits or perhaps “community evangelists”… and if they’re letting that noise filter through then they’re not doing their jobs very well.


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Apologies for the delay. Unavoidable real life things. This thread has been busy.
So in looking at the Event Logs, 7/26 we were playing. 7/28 the game decided to change the foundation state for the blocks holding the Furnaces and thrall pot to abandoned, and then dissolved them on 7/30. This lead to everything on them being listed as “lost stability” and then being removed.
The last player interaction note was 7/26 at 23:43:35
The switch to abandon was 7/28 19:46:23
That foundation was inside my base, not out in the wild.
Since July 31st, the only thing that has been changed to abandoned is a standing torch. Everything else is still the same. So important fixtures were marked for destruction in less than 48 hours, but everything else is fine after 4 days. That torch was switched to normal when I logged in, then switched to abandoned again, and then changed back to normal.

Everything is random. I will stay off the official servers, and won’t be hosting with G-Portal should I decide to go that route in the future.

Again, best wishes to you all. If they are things you are willing to put up with, more power and enjoyment to you. I’m just not that forgiving.

(The small things that disappeared, mainly chests, prior to this were lost with only be absent from Sunday night to Tuesday afternoon. This one was a longer absence, but not something that should have been Abandoned.)


Yeah, that’s definitely a bug. :frowning:

I’ve had that happen to me before, but never with foundations, only with placeables like tables or fountains.

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