Returnee with some Account issues

Hi everyone,

I wanted to hoin again the hyborian world but it seems that i am struggling with the technical issues :slight_smile:

Is there any Chance funcom Support ist working on pending Tickets? Or are we all left alone in the remaining 2 Servers? :slight_smile:

I have 2 Tickets pending:
1200138 - regarding my old Account that i can Not Recovery as my old Email Adress does Not exist any more.

1200460 - regarding 2 payments for Premium that are Shown as pending in one Account Page and successful in the Other but i have Not the rewards ingame.

Maybe there is someome on this Forum who can Help sorting These issues Out?

Maybe @AndyB has an Idea?


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Supposedly they still process the support tickets. But that wait will likely be 3+ months.