Returning after a long break - A few questions

Hello community!

We’re back to the game after an 8 months break and I have a few questions. They probably have already been answered in some buried posts but I failed finding them.

  1. Does taming bring something new to PvP? Are animals different than thralls is some way, better at guarding bases, or just the same?

  2. I’ve heard that oil orbs can no longer be stacked to boost fire orbs damage. Is that true or just a rumour?

  3. You can apparently shoot orbs with bow now. Does it deal the same damage as throwing them, or does it take attributes into account / add flat damage?

  4. What are the gods current state ? When I left, set was the only god who could break T3 buildings. The other ones were only used for bubbles. I also heard that bubbles from one of the new gods was better than the others, why so?

  5. Lastly, I’ve been told that new potions could reset Attributes or Feats separately. I haven’t found anything on Wikis. If that is true, how do you make them?

Thanks for your time and sorry for the wall of questions!
It’s good to be back :smile:

There are new potions that reset feats and attributes separately.
here is the wiki link explaining it:

You learn to make them by interacting with the were-wolf like creature (child of jhebbal sag) who also starts you down the path to learn of the “jhebbal sag” religion and how to enter the midnight grove dungeon. (note: you do not need to enter the dungeon to learn the potions).

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Thank you, that was very helpful.

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