Returning player and a few complaints sadly

hey returning guy hgere. i played during the first weeks of exiles via steam with the special bundle where you had to buy exile to get a certain amount of time in the mmo… never played th emmo so… meh

i left the gamebecause the scripting was horrible and had my pc over heat and always was forced shut down to prevent bonfires…

i came back like a week or so ago. IM IMPRESSED!!! there was lots of improvements!!! sadly the fire is no longer waterproof and wall torches dont float in mid air. my rig can handle the game better but i still get over heating issues, dont ask why my rig is still very good, i7 6th gen 16 gig ddr3 with 7 fans and 1070, so im guessing there are a few kinks left to fix toward game stability.

im mostly writting this cuz i came to notice that the game has lots of issues, load frame cant be helped since we all love to build our own lego houses.

monsters and ressources still have issues cant hit or harvest them freely without having to move around probably hit box or something.

sync is another issue sometimes in pvp lots of people avoid my sword because of the sync and latency between the server and our pc and it can be quite annoying since sometimes were barely alive when the fight is over and the lag grants the “soon to be diner” one last swing that turns the diner into the host not fun at all.

also graphic seems to be getting better tho some minor glitches happen, corpse going under the graphic hence making corpse runs impossible. lost 3 hours of farming components for my lego mansion because the sandstorm blew my body under a mountain… cant imagine how tight it feels but…

the fps seems a bit off im still running a decent rig and my fps has issues staying at 60 its not new that i can go from 60 stable to 10 when i move my mouse around

and someting i never thought i would experience in my mmo gaming life… i got kicked out of the server i’m in…1516 like 20 minutes before posting this… is this a new trend? i mean if the server is full how can a server force log out players if we cant connect to the server if its full?

other than that nothing else to say im happy to be playing the game once more and im even happyer to see that content was added!!!

also before people comment about the game running fine and so on… i know the game is fine but there is definitly something happening if my pc overheats and closes only when i play conan exiles. i can run any other game at any quality setting without any issues ut exiles? im stuck at medium. idk why my rig overheats if i go above that

  • Fps, lag, latency and related issues: Could you provide a full list of specs in a seperate thread on the bug subforum and if possible some footage, screenshots or anything else that might be of use?
  • I’m not sure if I understand either of those
    – Fire is no longer waterproof is reffering to fire not being able to be in water (or your pc)?
    – Did you mean that they do float in mid-air, or did you want to seperate this into a negative and a positive point?
  • Maybe another seperate bug report will help out.
    – I’m only known with (recently fixed) hitbox issues with meteorites
    – creatures might still have them, but I’m not aware of any.

I can’t say why that is (I’m not a server guru), it could be because of another kind of latency issue, meaning you can’t keep up with the server or vice versa, or your connection is to weak (concerning ping, or packets sent/received).
Just asking, are you trying to connect to a server

  • with low or high ping? (in ms - ik it doesnt measure connection speed)
  • in another region? (NA, SA, EU, AS…)

(not important: multiplayer is online, it requires your internet to work in general)

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18 ping max 40 ping on my end and thats when im downloading music or movies.
sadly i acnt realyl screenshot when i lose my connection

for the waterproof torches you will have to wait since i cant upload or post anything bigger than a text for a while.
its dated 2017 soi was expecting this to get fixed but it still remains a funny moment of the game.

as for flying candles same thing. dated 2017. buiulding collapsing but candles and light sources would not disappear so they stood there floating mid air

no i was not trying to connect. i was already in the game and got kicked out by the server and could only recconect when the server pop went back to 39 people

i cant make videos since i dont have access to a desktop recording program and iowuldnt be able topost it since outside links are blocked and i cant upload anything since im a new player

Hey @WanderingJarlPuncher (amazing username, by the way)

We’re glad to have you back, but sorry to hear you’re experiencing these issues.
I would like to ask you if it’s possible for you to share your feedback regarding bugs, performance and so on in our dedicated subforum. Some of these issues that you’re reporting are known and in our to-do list, especially performance and optimization (check our our on-going Testlive build in which we patched a lot of issues and introduced some game-changing optimizations).
If you would like to share a video, you can send it to me via private message and I’ll make sure to share it with our devs.

Make sure to include your specs!

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You have a physical issue with your PC.

Components like the CPU and GPU are designed at the factory with OEM cooling systems to run at 100% capacity for the duration of their lifetime. Software such as Conan Exiles cannot push it beyond its own rating. What you’re seeing here is the components are being worked and a physical issue is cropping up

You either have an overclock, a voltage issue, need to clean your heatsinks, a fan might not be working, or poor airflow in the case. Or rarely you may have a malfunctioning component.

It is utterly impossible for a game to cause this issue. Only that it causes the symptoms to become apparent.

The fixes is to remove overclocks and set components to their default settings, clean your PC, replace any non-function fans, and change layout of the case or the case entirely. Failing that you need to identify the component that is overheating and replace it.


This. So much.


I’m running on a laptop with an i7, 16 gigs of ram, on a decent cooling pad.

If I’M not overheating on a LAPTOP:

Something is assuredly wrong with your heatsync. You need to replace it or re-gel it.

This is an issue with Conan. I can run Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on high, BDO Remastered on high, FF14 on max and get 60 to 80 FPS but Exiles has massive stutter and in very specific places so I am convinced it’s the engine. I have 1200 hrs in Exiles, I had fun with it, I won’t hate on it but there is a real issue with stutter and it damages the experience. It’s just the truth.

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Just because you’re having an issue doesn’t mean the game is having an issue. I’m running on a two year old laptop at 60 FPS and zero stuttering issues. The only time I’ve even noticed any stutter is going into a new area and immediately getting into combat. For some reason, I catch a light snag now and again. Other than that? It’s smooth.

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Yes some times its alot to loade in the game, yes that can be anoying but you get the fredom to build and stuff so its fine.

My rig is almost identical to yours" 6th gen i7, 16gb ddr3, GF1070, Samsung Evo 960. I suspect the main difference is that I’m using the stock coolers/fans that my system shipped with. If a Dell XPS with no extra fans isn’t overheating, then a custom rig with far more cooling shouldn’t be having the issues you describe.

If you’re overclocking, I’d try backing off of that, also ensure your CPU/GPU coolers are firmly seated and that the thermal paste is properly applied. Lastly, check for bios and other firmware/driver updates. With a Dell these are easily obtained, but if you did a home build, then the driver hunt for motherboard/chipset drivers may be more of a challenge. I know that a full line of recent Dell Precision workstations had overheating issues until a bios update last quarter resolved them, so such a fix isn’t unheard of.

Good luck, and welcome back!

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I’ve had two friends have that issue. One needed a new PSU, the other simply needed a new cooling system.

GPU’s are pretty easy to rule out as culprits these days. Simply slide them out and connect the monitor/tv to the motherboard instead. CPU’s have onboard GPUs (though weak ones) that make great fallbacks or test subjects.

I will admit though. The troubleshooting steps we take today are different from 20 years ago. What you thought couldn’t be a problem will call you a liar in a heartbeat.

Or worse, the fan in the PSU blows and slowly turns your PC into an EZ-Bake Oven. Nobody says your shortlist needed to be complete, but it’s very comprehensive. :nerd_face:

For anybody else who got a new PC in their stocking, word to the wise from a 30-year vet: if you run a major-brand PC, replace your OEM PSU within a year and keep it as a reserve. Many replacement PSUs are energy-efficient enough to make up for the initial price, and some can be actively monitored for health.

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Steam Charts says it all…a steady exodus for the most part since full release. Two times the number of players went up since then…an update and, clearly, Christmas. Though I have little doubt the Christmas crowd will soon bail. This game’s been a mess since day one and here we are nearly nine months and many updates and patches later and it’s still a mess.


Are you playing in 4K?