Returning Player PC or Xbox

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I’m a solo player looking for a fresh server to play on with some friendly Exiles. I have both platforms pc and xbox. What I’m searching for is a new/ wiped server that is close to vanilla as possible. I like having boosted resources and crafting but not so much boosted xp.
As far as pvp goes I like the idea of raiding but not a fan of Avatars, so if possible having Avatars disabled or Avatars on weekends would be great. I don’t have a lot of time to play so I would like to see offline raiding discouraged.
Let me know if you have a server I could join to mess around on.

We are RP and PvP, Heres our link if you wanna check us out :slight_smile:

We have no avatars and most of our mods are towards items and decs. We are on x3 boost which I think is pretty steady tbh.

Hi there, our server is PVP, but it´s very relaxed.
So come join and help bolster the population.
Server is x2 exp and x3 harvest.
It was wiped/started 09/09, so join and have fun.

Server is called Exiles Playground CW.