Returning Player PVP-Tyranny/Fury

Dont know who is playin, but gonna be coming back soon for some sweet pvp action.
Main toon is the sin Sloejinn. Was on Tyranny originally.Was in Disorderly Conduct, Ominous for a stint, and Wartribe from Tyranny days with a different sin. Looking to land somewhere and get back into it.

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Welcome back, check out

Some of us also are from tyranny

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Sloejinn!! Spreadit!!

What Up!! You still playin?

Already downloaded. Tryin to get it to register bindkey. Thanks!

Of course!

Drop by

and drop by the discord that suctem posted as well because thats where all the PvP is these days.

Well you can find the discord link on that website. It’s a third party app that we use to host organized world PvP. you can check out my stream tonight I’ll be going live soon and you can see how it works.

Edit: if you’re unfamiliar with discord it’s what we use now instead of TeamSpeak :grimacing::+1::beers::man_shrugging:

Sweet! I’ll be ingame in less than a week. Can’t wait, it’s been forever it seems. Just reliving memories watching the stream you did when Coco came in drunk after a party. Good times!