Returning player with some griefs

So I recently came back to Anarchy Online after many years away, and having a blast. Thank you for keeping the game so alive and breathing. But as everyone else there are stuff I’d like to see if there is a way around.

And in this I need to start of with a few facts. I run LInux. Garuda more precisely. Witch is an Arch based Linux distro. And I intent to continue running Linux, and I have my reason for doing so. Obviously this is going to mean that there are stuff that might seem backwards, and that a windows user will think I’m stupid for. If you want my reason for choosing Linux, I will tell you but this not really about that

I also prefer Open Source software. What does that mean. Well, lets look at Discord for example. Discord is proprietary. Meaning someone owns the code and keeps it secure and we cant see it. And this will make them able to collect telemetry and info and send that somewhere. And you wont ever know where. I’m not by this saying that Discord is Evil and that you shouldn’t use it. I’m saying that I prefer not to use it as there is better and Open Source alternatives doing the same job. Like Guilded.

Recently. I did a booboo on my system. I updated, and for some reason that made my laptop unable to run anything but the highest available resoulution on my screen, 3840x2160. In Linux, I also have, like windows users, to put a scale and get a desktop that one can read text on. BUT Anarchy Online, that I run through something Valve has made that is called Proton, wont scale. So everything (except the chat window) is so small. And I cannot find a way to change that. So my question is: Are there a way to scale the gui of the game. I have actionbars that are like 5cm long on the screen. If not, is this something that we would maybe be able to convice FunCom to do something about?

My next question… I prefer Guilded, as stated over. I’m not a fundamentalist, so I have discord, but I prefer guilded. I have also seen that there are bots with ability to relay ingame chat to discord. And I’m guessing that if the chat is run like it was back in the day that this is a irc to discord script of some sorts. I also have seen that there is a discord to guilded Relay, or webhook if you like. Is this something the AO discord would like to set up? And further. if anyone here uses guilded. Do we know if there is a way to relay the org chat to a guilded channel?