Returning, Starting Fresh

It has been a while, but I saw this in my library and forgot just how beautiful the game was.

I am sure much has changed as I left just as the new map came in.

Looking forward to my new journey.

Anything super duper crazy I should know about?

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Something big is coming soon. We don’t know what but it’s rumored to be the fabled 3.0 update. Could shake things up even more

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Yeah, that something is supposed to be the “biggest” update to Conan Exiles ever. Update 3.0 – That means bigger than the Isle of Siptah DLC – and that had a new map, multiple armor sets, building pieces, new animals/monsters, new mechanics… so it makes one wonder just how much “bigger” Dennis meant when he teased out the upcoming 3.0 update.

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Very exciting!!!

:discopug: EXCITING BIGNESS INCOMING!!! :discopug:


Try to play without mods… and build a base in a difficult area.

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It must be a nice thing to feel. I would love a chance to be excited about ce again. But i play on xbox, alot of people do. Unfortunately, fc ruined ce experience for xbox. We have the worst bugs and lag in combat as our experience, since IoS release. Almost 2 damn years. We also get the least attention from fc. Nobody listened when xbox players asked for stability for years. Boycott speach over IoS prior to release resulted in a stability patch that completely ruined ce with lag. Nothing works right, but it dosent crash as badly now. It runs still, kinda. Like a dog with one front and one back leg. Can still run, but its a sad thing to watch. Its time to take this puppy to be put to sleep. This slowly choking the puppy routine takes too long. If fc wants to ruin xbox so badly, just get it over with already. Like a bandage, fast and one motion then its done…

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I don’t think my base is in a difficult area. I have 0 idea about Siptah. So we are winging it, but I did find a lot of resources which is helping me.

The one thing I noticed right away is the increased amount of work benches. It appears that some have been broken down into two benches when they used to be done at one. Armor, Hides, Dye, and various others have been sepperated.

I will need more space :slight_smile:

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