Revamp how raiding works

Add couple building pieces, one piece that is placed that when offline all damage is reduced by 99%. Now size of your clan limit how many u can have full clan up to 3.

Now new piece for declaring war it creates small radius that paying resources makes it grow or time it expands.

This changes that in radius allows things to be destroyed even if it’s not raid times but doesn’t counter off line protection. Allso it prevents the defender to build new or replace pieces. The only thing is allowed is to repair pieces.

I think this reduced the headache that this game have.

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Please no. Go to a community server with an rp ruleset, where you have to declare war first.

The iteam allows you attack any time and prevents any new building piece to be placed so once wall goes down they can’t pop new one in its place. Until they destroy tent of declarations of warthey can rebuild holes in base. This game sadly sets up for off raiding it tells when they on or offline so better protection for offline bases

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