Revamped Dregs Chests with ... Flint Arrows?!

After the Age of Thieves update 2, I noticed that there were changes in the Dregs dungeon, especially regarding new or changed chests.

Three of the chests I encounter so far contain about 4-6 flint arrows. This is SO disappointing, that I needed to consult this forum and write this post.

Nobody needs ANY flint arrows, as the dungeon has been designed with branches and stone all over the place.

What we need is access to loot materials which were removed such as basic wood or iron bars (as was there before). Even some plant fiber. This is useful to repair or craft a shield that is hand-craftable. Bone is available from the dungeon residents.

Now I have to leave this new modified dungeon to make or repair a shield. What a disappointment.

Welcome back exile. There are indeed some chests that have the arrows that you mention and the other chests, especially in the beginning over the tubes has lots of Darfari decorations, but the dungeon is not disappointing at all, neither the rest of the loot. I do agree that these chests should have something more than flint arrows and probably they will in the next chapter, but it performs correctly after many years, it has 2 world bosses and many other chests with incredible loot.
So except the complain for these chests, the whole other feedback is incorrect.
Cherry on top, climb this chain.

What level are you? How long have you been playing?
I’m too active on the Conan server but I see people come on all the time fresh and green with no idea. Providing arrows and mats to may bows is a gimme for a new player in a dungeon where both are critical.

Note that all the dungeons have gotten a recent rework.

Completely missed that chain :flushed:

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This is a railroad (straight path) dungeon, with abundant materials to make bows and both styles of arrow, until they removed the wood and plant fiber from chests.

It is almost insulting to provide chests with paltry arrows. Want a bow as well. Want me to push that button for you?

If a player can’t figure their own way through without these, they are not ready to play the Dregs.

Easy to say from a veteran’s perspective. I wonder how many of us have actually figured everything out by ourselves, and how many with the help of the Wiki, Youtube or other players. Traditionally, Conan Exiles has given close to zero advice or hints about how to do stuff.

The arrows are there to allow everybody to finish the dungeon even if not bringing arrows.

They’re not meant as loot, but to solve the puzzles.

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The Darfari guarding this dungeon drop bows. Then again if you harvest glowing coop you gain fiber too, enough to make a bow. But it’s not only bows and arrows that trigger these switches, you can fix javelins as well. The starting area provides materials.

Compliments to @Croms_Faithful, not me.

No worries my good fellow. It is a little tricky to spot at first, but once we know where it is we are set.

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These were there prior to the update, and I believe that they were only for us to activate the buttons if we happened to run out of our own arrows. Not really intended as ‘loot’ per se. The Dregs is the easiest dungeon in the game, and is intended to be the first one we run. It was bound to be easy to give newer players, and those lacking experience with Survival games an easier challenge while they are still learning the parameters of the game.

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