[REVIEW] Chapter 1

Congrats on lasting 30years, We all understand the RPers are your focus, and if they were to have cheaters destroy their servers, you would act much more quickly in fixing your game.

However, lets get into your Chapter 1 or what ever this last patch was.

Good job on making changes to Legendary items, making them for the most part feel much more powerful, though they are useless as you can no longer repair them, doesnt make sense why you cant repair an item and have its durability cap go down just like normal items, which is void if you just repair in a bench instead of a wetstone. Congrats on that stupid thought.
While we are on Legendary items, that are 95% useless, as there is really only a few worth keeping unless it is your first item and it better than what you can craft at lvl 1. On top of them being “rare” which means small chance to find a trash item that will be thrown away, dismantle, until you find ANOTHER “rare” chance to get the good one, that you cant repair.
Then you guys were like, we have a great idea, lets sell selective legendary items, not random… selective, but lets also leave out some categories because you know fk them. (katana, short sword, armors, etc)
WHEN, what you could of done is, Bosses/Chest have a 100% to drop a GODly legendary at random of their loot tree. but their durability is 500 unrepairable.
Bosses/Chest have a 2% chance to drop a GODly legendary random of their loot tree, with 5000 durability.
Maybe your idea of a Legendary is that is CANT outlast time.
Dont give me your stupid idea of making trash legendary items, NO one wants. just to have 5 legendary items that are worth, but cant even have, because they break in 24hours. unless some stupid merchant will sell you that item making it common AF, and some reason game breaking balance.
i swear monkeys could make better choices, or maybe that is who you hired.

Maybe we should move to a new topic, or this isnt really a review about Chapter 1 but your idea of how to make legendary mistakes.

Clearly no one on your team does PvP. and understands balancing. they just randomly fill in numbers and call it good. and if the children of nubs dont quit, and cry enough on the forums maybe youll have an idea that you item balance was lowIQ made…
Take for example, Craftable Katana VS Craftable Greataxe
Animation speed of swing WINNER: AXE
Animation AoE coverage WINNER: AXE
Animation of cancel WINNER: AXE
Damage output WINNER: AXE
Reach of weapon WINNER: AXE
Running swing WINNER: AXE
Hyper armor swing WINNER: AXE
Stamina consumption: VOID - roll gives you free swing WINNER: AXE
at this point, i think it is pointless to go on, as you can CLEARLY see… wait your not reading this. nvm.

Lets move on,
Blood ORE, wtf is that… you legit made a currency in the game that has so much VALUE that there is no MONEY SINK for it! These supply chest give you so much loot, you might as well remove cost to make bases. Just let us have a CAP of 5000-10000 placeables and have no more mats to make them anymore… infact that sounds SO MUCH BETTER then what you offer/ed.
On top of these stupid coins that could of been a FANTASIC idea. you added Golems. They cant farm (if that is what you call farming then good job), they can fight (unless you bug them so they cant be damaged good job on that), they take FOREVER to find parts to make a SHINY trash can.

Now this is an attack on the community of conan.
Why do you allow funcom to treat you like shyt?
They cant run their servers,
they cant fix their mistakes,
they dont own up to their doings,
they push out content that is single minded,
they allow cheaters full power over their servers,
Im guess the 10000+ players that are “online” are private servers, i wonder what would happen if cheaters attacked private servers non stop, to the point even their admins couldnt do anything about it. i wonder if the RPers that are spoon fed SKINs all day, would stand up.
Nah, funcom doing something for conan. laughable. we all know Dune is where they didnt put their monkeys.

Trash is trash.

There’s a topic for feedback on Chapter 2. Making new posts is just ridiculous.

That is life, games come and go. Conan was cool, but now Dune’s time comes.
I am currently witnessing similar drama in Star Wars: The Old Republic community, the game got very little content since 2016, last month they gave this game away to some UK based 1-man dev studio in mom’s basement. Last week they switched off their servers and moved the game to the cloud based one belonging to Amazon. Yesterday BioWare sacked 50 devs.

Yet today SWTOR players are still high on copium and refuse to see the reality - games come and go.

Dune looks fantastic so far.

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