Revisiting “You are over encumbered “

My search in the forums reveals this topic to have been brought up several times over the last two years, but not in the last seven months.

So for Christmas this year I asked Santa to remove the “you are over-encumbered “ icon appearing on my screen every other second when I have an encumberance maxed to fifty.

I’m a little worried about Santa. I didn’t get anything else I asked for this year, but then I may have been naughty; it’s so subjective.

Just trying to keep the “please remove the over encumbered notification for maxed encumberance build players” movement.

Still love this game no matter what. :slight_smile:

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Check the TestLive build.


Thanks Mikey. I forgot to mention I’m playing on console (Xbox one x)

I experienced a glitch yesterday right after posting to the forums, where the game graphics seem affected by ram being tied up (speculation), and as long as I didn’t run, the over encumbered icon would not appear.

I was thinking how did they fix that so fast?

Alas, ‘twas not to be so. Maybe someday. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your response. I’m guessing the test live is coming to consoles at some point.

No problem. The TestLive itself will not come to consoles - but the eventual “Live” patch will, when the TestLive phase is over (which is the same time regular servers on PC will get it).

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I can happily say that it is wonderful not having the dredded encumbered message pop up 1000000 times a day. I am encumbered 95% of the time I am playing, so this keep me sane. I was using a mod before that. Mod worked great. Are the mods the same for PC or console? If so, you could give it a go.

I play Testlive servers.

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yeah - died from drowning as I did not see the breath bar going low - as it was covered by the encumbered message! :stuck_out_tongue:


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