Revive the Onyx Chambers

I was looking for some info about the Onyx Chambers for… reasons… and I stumbled upon this article in Cynara’s blog about some rare bosses that was possible to spawn, but have been removed: Onyx Chambers ticket bosses

It shouldn’t be that hard to re-enable them and, as Cynara suggested, add some meaningful drops.

What do you think?


It would be great, if Funcom re-used some old content. But game in “life-support” state, so, they will do nothing at all, sadly.

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@AndyB This should be an easy update because the bosses, the tablets, and the mechanics existed. Put some good loot drops, like a rare token and shards and a chance for a Recipe drop…


Exactly, they just have to change some loot tables, it shouldn’t be that much work. :wink:

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They should make it a private instance and remove the respawns.

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Na it’s cool as an open world dungeon. Kinda scary getting lost in it knowing that there is no easy route cleared back out. Onyx and House of Crom are the only places that gives me the old D&D vibe.

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