Reward for 100 E10 Scenarios

Does anyone know what these are?

We’ve already had a Future Tech cache. Is this just all the Plasma-Forged weapon skins, bundled?

And what about the drone – is it a pet or a gadget? If the latter, what is the effect? And how does it look like?

Any info would be appreciated. :grinning:

The Skin Pack, despite being called future tech, gives in reality the old TSW NY raid weapon skins.

The Vali Field Drone is a pet throwing a healing beam on you (purely cosmetic).

Oh, thanks! Do you happen to have any screenshots of the skins or the drone (and its description) on hand?

I don’t, but google is your friend, pretty sure i’ve seen the skins on Reddit at some point.

You can find screenshots of the weapon skins on TSWDB’s legacy site. Select the type you want to see and look for the one that says “QL10.4 Epic”.

Looking through now, thanks! :smiley:

Would also love to see any pics of the Vali Field Drone if anyone has them.

It’s pretty much the exact same animation of the drone healing you can get in scenarios when you collect a drone.

That’s a nice pet to have floating around! Thanks all who replied. :smile:

It also gives “Nolifer” title you can proudly wear.

Nolifer Future tech pistols skin ( e10 /100 scens )

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A mark of 1337ness if there was one!