Rework Perk system for thralls

Think they shud be able to get bow skills but not perks. But they need to get some weppon spec skills.

Well, with the 2.2 Patch focused on PvP/Combat, maybe we’ll get a revamp of the NPC Thrall perks to reflect the kind of weapon they use (so that a thrall with a two-handed sword isn’t getting an archery improvement) OR making Accuracy affect two-handed sword damage (more precise swings).

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Non Player Character, in most cases. But I suspect you knew that :slight_smile:

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That be nice, we will have to wait and see. All we can do is suggest.

For the love of all the Gods, yes please rework this system

I wish they would let us choose the perks, reroll or reset at least, if not, then let us influence the perk they get in some ways

No it have to be random but maybe more spec weppons skills.

Thank you guys, I’ve earned the NICE reply for this one. :rofl:
That means my most constructive answer ever was this one yaaaaayy!

I like the idea that you don’t know exactly what you are going to get…like drafts in sports…some pay off, some don’t.

What I don’t like is that there’s no consistent feedback.

I think this is reasonable:

Lower tribe/tier thralls have a greater chance of getting useless of even negative “perks”.


Every thrall should give you indicators as you go, and the development % ratings should play a role.

So if your thrall is a T3 Nordheimer fighter, let’s say, and has maybe 80% vitality as the highest stat for development, and the thrall gains vitality almost every level, then the perks should all have some vitality bonus.

But if you see the thrall going south for 8-12 levels, you should dump him, since he should be more likely to get an unhelpful or detrimental perk.

And still, I would be open to rolling a critical failure. I mean, it happens all the time in sports. Good in college, big contract, and pffft nothin’.

Just a thought.

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Potential easy fix here: Follower perks are re-rolled when you give them a Potion of Natural Learning to drink.

This way it’s still random, but you have the opportunity to salvage a garbage thrall if you’re willing to farm materials and craft a potion.

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