Reworks and Better cold armor!

Hey there i been playing Conan for some time now and there are a few MAJOR things i allrdy noticed that is more or less ruining the experience for me aswell as things i think are “missing” or sorts in the game.

Armor Heat/cold resistance:
Flawless versions of the lvl 60 armors should get extra temperature resistance. Simply because ppl dont always want to spend time on grinding all sorts of cooking materials here and there just to make some good heating food to be able to go the the coldest places. We need to farm more than enough from before on everything else.
PS: I know ther eis one armor that gives 2 instead of 1 heat resistance and that’s the black legion end game armor. atleast make a counterpart to this for Frost.

Well i quickly found out that even though archery isnt “useless” it’s damn near close to it compared to anything else that is a wepon in the game. you have NO AOE, your arrows swallows your carry capacity, you drink stamina way to fast and to top it off the arrows have a bad hitbox detection and pretty much move in slowmotion in the air. Like you could throw a stone with your hand with higer velocity than the arrows get from a bow shot. FIX this plz.

Melee wepons: Only thing i noticed here is that again the animations are so freaking slow. I can understand it with a sledgehammer, but a one handed sword should be way fast. again it’s the Slow-mo effect in combat that is rly annoying. Also fighting NP’c with shield without a shieldbreaking on your wepon is a freaking nightmare. I usually end up cheesing the mob so i reset it cuse it usually make the mob loose the shield.

Maybe you guys should also look into things that involves more NPC use, as in getting aa “quest” if u like to solve a riddle to get to a nice chest or find a hidden cave in a mountainside or something like that. a hidden dungeon maybe?

The purge: Now this is great in one way but it needs a lot of work.


But it makes whole cooking thing not worth it

Legion armor makes lot of things not worth it at all… Anna has the point!

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can we delete the legion armor then ? plz ? :’(

as for mele weapon & nps quest thing, i wan’t to bounce on, tho there is a bit of this in some paper that we can find, i would love to see a modification about legendary weapon.

Curently those are just better version of classical one, but with buffed stat & damages.
What i think could be a better balance (and make steel weapon viable for mid tier VS end game player) would be diferent light & heavy attack on legendary one, like i don’t know, for one hand sword, the last heavy attack could be a double hit or something elst, that would replace the jump attack

Tho the idea of a speaking weapon master pnj who could teatch you diferent moove and combat style is nice too

Despite what the UI shows in game certain armors at higher tiers of crafting do actually give better heat/cold protection.

For example wearing Vanir Settler Armor (No food/drink/torch) and crossing bridge of the betrayer you will get

Vanir Basic - Frostbite
Vanir Exceptional - Extremely Cold
Vanir Elite Basic - Extremely Cold
Vanir Elite Exeptional - Extremely Cold (not as quickly as Vanir Elite Basic as I had to stand still to reach this)

The updated Armor pages on the wiki shows you the actual temperature resistance taken straight from the game files,

Sadly it is currently not possible to make the Flawless cold resist armor for this set as the Thralls for it do not appear to spawn at any point and it is the best cold resist armor in the game. (For reference the flawless epic set leaves you at just very cold when performing the same test but I had to spawn that in using admin commands on single player to test)

The Wiki is in the process of being updated with all of the information so that it accurately reflects what is occurring in the game but this takes time and a lot of effort from the poor folks doing it.

Small word on Silent Legion is that it is to hot areas what Flawless Vanir Epic is to cold areas.