RF kicking should get a fix

Adding a drop down menu stating a reason when initiating a vote kick is acceptable.

Identifying who initiated the vote kick I think would cause more harm than good.

Like Anubium has mentioned, change the popup’s position in the screen, or let us change it. It’s in the worst possible place by default.

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And need a Ready button also.

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Totally agree, every MMO I know has a ready check button, except this one.

I consider Vote-Kick in RF a necessary evil, same as regular raid kick. REMEMBER our only option used to be to disband whole RF raid and wait for new one , before the Vote-kick was implemented. That was 24 people’s time wasted for nothing (is it worse than 30 min timeout for 1 troll or non-participant leecher?).
Its far from perfect implementation (spam pop-ups in the middle of screen) and weird behaviour (“vote kick is not available at this time”, while someone starts multiple ones). Definitely this feature can work better.
I summarize what has been suggested before:
Pop-up window location fixed to a corner or any player-chosen location. Notify the target of vote-kick with a message (can just be in chat window or pop-up)

ThisName has started vote-kick against you, now at 10/16

Some players will stop the activity causing the votes against them, just seeing this message. some may rebel and do worse, but they deserve to be kicked than!

No idea why allow vote-kick at last boss fight already in progress, if the replacement will not even get in to participate, so unless the person being voted against is actively causing raid wipes, why replace him with another not participating player?

I also suggest from my own experience in RF, Raid Leader Vote for change. Many times raid leaders will not do or react to groups being set up badly (language diificulties or lack of attention . various reasons, i guess). But basically some will not even transfer Team Leader to another person in RF raid, even if asked for it, or told by multiple people in raid to do it. So make them loose leader icon through vote and give it to person starting the vote (or selected from dropbox before vote)


I never have see a vote kick that’s for no reason.
100% of the time they kick people that afk every single time (or use /follow to fake they are playing) and trolls that wipe the raid on purpose. I mean i have been afk 5+ minutes and never was kicked because i type “AFK brb”, there was a time i was afk 20 minutes in the last fight because of a personal problem and all that time they were wiping because of trolls.
Also i never vote kick the 1rst time unless i know if they deserve it.
About kicking before the last boss dies i think is ok. You think is fair that everyone did all the job and someone that didn’t even click 1 key in 40+ minutes deserve the rewards?
And with misma and blood draw i literally have explained the strats to some dude 20+ times and every time they fail, there are 2 posiblitles: they are trolling or they have a 1 digit IQ. I’m inclined to believe is the first option.
Is not that hard if you don’t know what to do ask. I do it when i don’t remember exactly the names of the buffs i need to kb, etc.

There are vote kicks all the time for ‘no reason’. When someone starts a vote on the main tank…how is that justified?

It comes and goes though…I did about 15 plus or so RFs today…probably saw over 20 troll kick votes

And if no one says why they are voting for a kick (unless its totally obvious) I always vote no


yesterday i saw the opposite. Someone was AFK but vote kick didnt work cos his fellow guildies prevented that. That lasted the complete first boss fight (+wipe fight)


this need to be fix since the day they put this thing to remove players from the game, the game is dying and this is helping a lot. my vote is for fix or remover this tool VK…

that’s very common at least when i play

Happened really often to me too and I pointed out it. It would be right if the number of voters was reduced to 13, the 50%+1 for excess

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