Rhetorical: What happens when you build a map-room at Frozen Slopes?

A picture is worth 1000 words.

I have to give credit to the clan “Three Hundred” on 1510 for this. They decided to leave the building with no repairs and reset it each week for over a year. The picture below is all that is left, of a two-story building that had a map-room.


I predict this image will enjoy a meteoric rise to fame :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I put a map room up there for people on my server years ago and it was fine last 8 or 9 months I have to repair or replace on a regular basis RNG in all it’s Glory.

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It is entertaining when you wander around and hear big explosions in the distance. And you run up there and ruins, and dead animaly lying there. Plus, now you don’t have to kill them, because they don’t bother you anymore while you gather star metal. So, even the worst destruction has its own beautifulness. :heart:


That is just a combination of dedication, stubborn, and apathy. I’m impressed they pulled it off.

Well, the maproom is still there @pic XD

Plz send a pic from below… i k that the minimum build is one foundation and 16 ceilings to place a maproom, but i wonder how many r needed in order to stay up!!!

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I have a base right there, it needs to be watched all the time. It is almost guaranteed mine would look like this (half-eaten) swiss cheese after a few years.

I have seen complete castles built there in record time before the player found out the castle would be blown to bits by meteors. :smiley:

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One of the most under appreciated graphics in the game.


I always pause for a moment and enjoy the sight :relieved:


After that one time I was direct hit, I always run in panic :rofl:


But really, I’m impressed and somewhat surprised that the map room is still there. I’d have thought it would’ve fallen off that sad excuse of a floor.

This building on 1726 puzzles me. I think the person knows meteors are hitting their building but has been repairing and logging out here.

It’s a great location for Purges, plus people get superstitious about the purge. They think because it targeted them 3X in a row there that they must change nothing. They’re not wrong, and it’s just an impulse I have observed.

To me, the first pic is entropy. The second one is “Imma keep refreshing if it kills me.”

Oddly enough, @Kapoteeni my maps have rarely been hit or even scratched. We had one right next to the other, and only one ever showed maybe 499 damage. Just enough to be painful. :smiley:

LOL ya, he is lying right there in the middle of it. IIRC if a meteor hits him, he is still going to be killed whether he is logged in or not.


You haven’t lived until you’ve been hit dead center by a meteor.

Pro Tip: You’re going to want explosive arrows to remove said meteor from your dead body.


Unless it is a buggy meteor that doesn’t open with explosives, then you have to wait until it goes away on its own. :smiley:

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