Rhino Archery - Camera Angles

So here is a thing I have noticed in the past few months trying out rhinos.

The camera angle when shooting a bow on a rhino is lower than it is when on a horse. This leads to your character model obscuring your vision of the target.

Example 1:

This mostly matters for shots in the forward 90 degrees of the mount. At exactly 90 degrees and within the backward 90 degrees there are usually no problems with target obfuscation.

Example 2:

This means as a rhino archer you are much more reliant on “Parthenon shots” to maintain accuracy. Its not a massive disadvantage, but it does make shooting off of the rhino more cumbersome and less effective. Id like to see the default angle adjusted to make the two more in line. :bow_and_arrow: :slightly_smiling_face:


The heavy potian armor helm blocks your view of the arrow tip. Similar effect as rhino pov

Heavy Dragon Chestpiece Blocks view in first person

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