Rhino boss and Reptilian Monstrosity charge and reset

The Rhino Boss and the Reptilian Monstrosity charge. flinging around players and thralls. This flinging distance is larger than than their leashing distance. Hence, they toss people around and reset.

To make it worse:

  • they also attack other monsters in the area. So even when I get my back against the wall they may opt to charge a random scorpion and reset.
  • The Reptilian is at the edge of the water. While it’s fun a few times to get launched to the other side, it gets annoying fast to find the bos reseted.

May I suggest before the next hasty change you get some experience playing your game?

Not needed…
You had a good post, and seemed ready to give a possible solution, instead went to throwing shade.

Her is how it is done…
I would suggest to fix, increase the leash distance to outside the launch area. See, not hard, state problem, suggest a viable thought to how to fix.


Yes, there is a shadow over this game. The base game is not coherent at a score of points as mentioned in this forum. I use this game most for RP now and I’m pretty happy with it. Some call it a joke, I’m practical and make my own game. It’s not a fix, it is the complete remake also known as RP.

Wonderous things happen, like the new follower AI. But then also thralls stop dealing damage if you’re at some distance what is shorter than an arrow’s flight. Guess what: the super Alligator still is doing damage, killing my army. Thanks man, thanks for 2 dead thralls? I don’t want to say it, but they’re dead :(.

yet another example of leash mechanics at it’s best

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