Rhinos go flying upon death or when harvested

Game mode: Single-Player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Offline
Region: Offline

Put simply, the same bug that has existed for months is still around. Upon death by melee (I am unsure if ranged attacks will cause this as well) any adult Rhinos killed will immediately launch into the air and sail several dozen meters away in the worst instances before landing. Attempting to harvest them with a cleaver or skinning knife will often cause them to jump a bit further away though not to such extreme heights or distances.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Fight an Adult Rhino (and potentially other large creatures such as mammoths)
  2. Kill them with any melee attack
  3. Watch them go flying away through the air until they land somewhere.
  4. Bonus: Attempt to harvest them and watch them jump a short distance away again in some instances.

First of all, yes, ranged attacks have the same effect.

Secondly, even though I feel/share your pain, it causes me to laugh when I see Dumbo.

(sorry this does not help you, but good report, BTW)



Definitely! I built my first base at the oasis outside of The Den for easy access to initial thralls. When the rhino I killed for meat rocketed over the fifty foot wall and landed at my doorstep, my initial thought was:

“How convenient!”


I have always found this “feature” to be hilarious.
What wasn’t funny was when the red mother flew about 300 in game metres the other day. She wasn’t any where to be found at the landing site. Instead she magically returned to the spot she was killed.



Same with elephants! its one of those amusing quirks. XD

Dragons do it now with this update…but they go hell’va far like MR. T was tossing them. I launched one over a wall in Nameless city, and go go fighting thru skeletons for 5mins to get to corpse, LOL

The thing i do for adventure!


Can confirm, this issue has been happening since at least February.

It’s all fun and games until they fly out of reach. =/


One elephant corpse landed just over a tiger hiding in the bush… it was very offended and attacked me :laughing:


Hey there,

Our team is aware of this issue and is trying to teach them corpses some physics 101.
Thanks for your feedback.


Oh no! Don’t spoil our fun :rofl: Or make some checkbox in Game settings, “Flying Rhinos”!


Yes! Server settings checkbox for Ballistic Overweight Animals, please.

As annoying as it sometimes is to chase the beast after its demise, the amusement factor far outweighs the logistical challenges in my books.


This bug has been in the game even with early access. Most players just got use to it as its a fun thing to watch


I’ve grown to love the flying rhinos — makes me feel like a badass when I bat one into the next biome! :sunglasses:


I also enjoy watching them fly up into the air and bounce upon death.
Interestingly when playing with my clan-mate this past weekend we killed a couple of rhinos together… we both saw them bounce but the rhino ended up on my screen at a different location to my clan-mate.
I ran over to where it was on my screen. He ran over to where it was on his screen. He was quicker with the skinning knife than me and harvested where he was standing. As I watched the corpse in front of me just disappeared but before I had a chance to try harvesting it.
My clan-mate said that to him it looked like the rhino had bounced twice and ended up where he ran to harvest it.

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Have had this happen with spiders as well, though less often.

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The boss spider near the Black Galleon did that to me a while back. Flew right off a cliff and it seemed I was sliding forever to get to him. Then, to get back to where I started …

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One of the most hilarious bounces was when I finally found Shendelzare at the Black Galleon. I whacked her unconscious with a truncheon, and she launched straight upwards, out of sight. After several seconds she landed - luckily still on the ship, and luckily still alive.

Unfortunately getting knocked out caused her amnesia, so now she doesn’t remember how to craft that anti-gravity device anymore.


You mean the Aggravatingly-Dire-Mortality-Inducing-Neuro-Physics-Adapting-Newly-Evolved-Locomotion machine? Or A.D.M.I.N.P.A.N.E.L. for short? :smiley:


It’s sorcery that they wanted in the game, they cast feather on death


when players want to bugs remain xD

i know it sounds weird but as it were pointed here before, somehow some of us love that feature

when iam going to farm rhinos iam always exited if i get to the body xD

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I once shot the spider demon queen through the eastern green screen. Didn’t realize it until i green screened. Saw body underwater, swam right on through it :confused:

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