Rhinos in the jungle gives reptile hides?

Game mode: [Online | multiplayer]
Problem: [Hides from rhinos]
Region: [Jungle]

so ive noticed that the Rhinos that have a bit of Fur on them, drop reptile hide in the jungle biome? why is that, arent they rhinos?
there are a select few that are gray in the south west area of the jungle near the sand, that dont have fur, and they drop normal thick hides and rhino hides.

is it a bug that the furish rhinos dont drop rhino hides?

Are you referring to these?

If so, that’s not a rhino. They gave thick hide at first, but were patched to better match their name, Reptilian Abomination.

its has a horn, its a rhino. Game is wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out this rhino:


[quote=“Aedensin, post:2, topic:9014”]
Are you referring to these?

Yes im referring to those.

how can that not be a rhino?

He already said how they are not rhinos. They’re Reptilian Abominations.

Things can look similar without being the same species.

they use the same model.

They reuse a lot of assets, they can still call things whatever they want. They created the game.

it doesnt even remotely look like a reptile.

Perhaps that’s why it’s an “abomination”. :slight_smile:

even an abomination would look more like what it used to be than something else. it looks like a rhino, uses the same model. it doesnt even, in any way, look like a reptile.

it even has fur as far as i can see. No reptile has fur.

Some rhinos used to have fur however. the wolly rhino that lived with mammoths in the ice age

Yes, if you were creating the rules.

Skeletons don’t walk either. Welcome to a fantasy world.

its the only reptile in the game that has fur.

its not a reptile at all

Unfortunately your displeasure with the current state of affairs does not change reality.
The devs say it’s a reptile, so it’s a reptile.

Perhaps you should create a thread in which you accept votes on whether or not the developer of this creature should be guillotined, and then apply for his position.

Anyway, I’ve wasted too much time in yet another pointless, absurd thread.

Enjoy your reptile hides.

then maybe you should be better at figuring out which threads to waste time in next time so you wont waste your precious time.

enjoy your wasted time you sassy human.

That’s not fur, it’s more like long blades of grass/leaves.