Rick Moranis Fan Club PvE (Barbarian Difficulty)

Hi all,

This new PvE server aims to be more of a vanilla Siptah experience with what I would consider a handful of QoL mods that don’t break the vanilla experience too much. The server settings are also tweaked to make things a bit more challenging for those who want it.

Server Name: Rick Moranis Fan Club PvE (Barbarian Difficulty)
Server IP: IP:

Modlist/load order:
modlist.txt (1.2 KB)

The server uses Revival Mechanics. You’re KO’d rather than killed. You have 120 seconds to be revived, or you can suicide after 5 seconds to respawn.

Server Settings:
0.5x XP
1.0x Harvest
0.5x Thrall Crafting Speed (Twice as fast as vanilla)
0.3x Daytime
0.5x Night/Dawn/Dusk
1.4x NPC Damage
0.5x Thrall Damage to NPC