Riders of Hyboria DLC


I dont get the New dlc for free and i have seasson pass2. I tryed to unistall the dlc snd reinstal and only got the 3 others dlc. Cant get the new for free.

What am i doing wrong? I know thers a issue on ps4 is it the same on Xbox?

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You are doing nothing wrong. It is a known issue. Patience is a virtue. :slight_smile: You can read about it here: Riders of Hyboria Season Pass Issue

Thing is Funcome posted on FB about they know about the issue but specified it was on PS4. That makes me think they dont know about it on Xbox or it isent and I do something wrong.

Same thing here

Hello, could you state which regions you’re in?

Another user has reported that after clicking on the purchase button a message was shown indicating that the DLC was already owned, and then proceeded to install.


I tryed that goes all the way to payment.


Takes me to payment aswell. The product is installed on my xbox and i own it in the store, i just dont own it according to the game, yes i have reset countless times over the hours

For me it says instaled. Tho when i press on it it says “Buy” and not “Buy as gift” as it says on others that are instaled.
And when i look ar my instaled DLC its not ther

I have also hard reset Xbox a few times.

Have you had any success getting it installed today?

Please let us know if the issue is still ongoing.

I am a season pass holder from ny state and i was able to download the riders of hyboria today at 620 am eastern time thank you for resolving this issue quickly

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I got a pop up message stating it was ready to start on my xbox, it has been working fine since, thank you!

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I also had this issue but I unplugged my xbox from the wall so it loses all power and pluged it back in and the xbox loaded it in and now I have it if that helps

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