Riders of Hyboria: What’s going on with White Horses? (Vol II)

Just holding the door open for this report. I’ll probably summon Ignasis from the coffee machine in a few days to check if there’s an update yet, but I expect their QA team is currently catching up on a backlog of stuff after the 2.1 patch and hotfixes, so I’ll give it a little more time first.

I worked in a riding stables part time for several years and can assure you we never dyed any horses manes or tails (outside of the film industry I can’t think of anyone that would bother) - plenty of white horses have white manes and tails as many others have already pointed out. (Not really ‘piling on’ more just trying to help keep the thread live.)

@ShinsaiX - if you’re not already familiar with them, you might like to google ‘palomino’ for some images of another beautiful horse :slight_smile:


Grew up riding Arabian horses, can confirm white horses with white manes and tails exist among humans. We owned several.


The only horses I’ve ever been around are the ones owned by my brother in law.
Those that my father owned, and the few I see on farms and ranches here in central Michigan USA where I now reside.

But I too can confirm white horses with white manes and tales do exist and occur naturally in real life. :slight_smile:


Not sure why the change was made, but I prefer the white main and tail for the white horse as well, by far. I end up not bothering to produce the current style of white horse and hope they can be changed back (or both kept for those who may prefer a dark main with white horse).


So, nothing new? I’ve been trying to look at the forums at least once a week to see if there are any answers

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Hey there,

Our QA team processed the request and labelled it as not intended. Although we have no ETA we can share, it’s been assigned for a fix for a future update.


Yay, thank you @Ignasi

Slightly necroing this post to inform this issue has been fixed in our current Testlive build (Update 2.2).